#2 Princess & Bella

Our #2 still-no-name Princess is doing so well at 25 weeks and she’s 1lb and 10 oz. today! We didn’t get any good photo of her today for she was quite determined and stubborn (really, did you expect any differently? She’s my daughter after all; like mother, like daughter!) about not showing her face and the only picture we got makes her look like an alien from the movie ,Sign featuring Mel Gibson. :-) She’s still absolutely beautiful in my eyes though I’m a bit concerned that she might have Daddy’s nose. :-) Note: My hubby’s nose is perfectly shaped and handsome but he think it’s too big and it’s always fun to tease him. But really, honey. I love you nose so get over your insecurity already! *^^*

Since our doctor’s appointment was rather early this morning, Bella had a sleepover at her friend’s house last night so that we don’t have to get her up early in the morning. This morning, my husband and I were pathetic to the point of really shameful state from missing our little girl. We often joke and talk about “shipping or FedEx-ing” Bella off to her grandparents’ for a few days so that we can get a break and spend some time with just the two of us. But the truth is, we won’t make a full day before bawling our eyes out from missing her. I even teared my eyes last night thinking about the future when she’ll go off to college and she’s only 3 years old right now! It’s pretty shameful but I can’t help it. I love her too much and miss her terribly even when she’s in her room taking a nap!

It was so good to pick up Bella and bring her home this afternoon. I love having a daughter and I can’t wait to double that happiness with our #2 princess soon!

Princess + Ballerina + Maid + Fairy = One Cutie Pie! :-)


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