No. 52

The year 2012 has begun and I’m liking the number 52 this year.

Life is too crazy, too much, too busy, too fast, too hard…well, you get the idea. I feel like I’ve been dragged around by this thing called life instead of actually living it and I felt the need of being purposeful and doing things on purpose so that I can pay more attention to the things that really matter; God, husband, children to name a few. So here are few things I’ve decided to do this year.

  • 52 Pieces of Faith: reflecting on 52 significant moments with God.
  • 52 Dates: enjoying 52 actual dates (big or small) with the love of my life, the world’s greatest hubby ever!
  • 52 ABC Projects: enjoying 52 “dates” with one or both princesses (Bella & Chloe) and sharing special Mommy-daughter(s) moments together (hence, ABC after our name initials).
  • 52 Books: reading 52 books or more this year.
  • 52 Crafts: doing 52 craft projects for the home.

Let the journey begin!


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