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25 Days Till Christmas {Day 25: Christmas Day!}

Day 25 Activity: Open presents and be thankful for our savior and our blessing!

We are thankful for so many blessings in our lives including our little miracle, Chloe, this year. Bella has been reciting John 3:16 over and over again for the past few weeks and it is indeed one of the greatest verses that show how much God loves us! It’s all because of you, Lord, and it’s all for you! Thank you and we love you so very much!

Hmm...what to open first... :-)

Daddy with his princesses

Mommy with her princesses

My silly family with their silly toys :-)


25 Days Till Christmas {Day 23 & 24}

Day 23 Activity: Write thank-you cards to Jesus!

Our family spent this morning writing and decorating our thank-you cards to Jesus. There’re so many things we were thankful for and God’s love, grace, blessing and mercy filled our hearts. Bella thanked Jesus for Mommy, Daddy & Chloe of course and she expressed all her thanks with lots and lots of glue and stickers. :-)

Our family thank-you card for Jesus

Day 24 Activity: Cookies for Santa!

We made yummy chocolate nutty crackers (Mommy’s Christmas specialty) upon Santa’s special request (wink, wink *^^*). Bella said she hopes that Santa leave some for her in the morning, which I thought it was so cute. :-) Of course, Santa ate them all and all there was left on a plate the next morning was a thank-you card! :-) And yes, we had lots more in the refrigerator for Bella. :-) We never really made a big deal out of Santa so I wonder what Bella thinks of all this… *^^*

Yummy crakers for Santa!

Bella @ Christmas eve service

Chloe...the night before Christmas :-)

25 Days Till Christmas {Day 19, 20, 21 & 22}

Day 19 Activity: S’mores!

Our family went over to our friend’s house to have dinner together and make s’mores on a fireplace. Bella has been excited about s’mores for a while ever since I bought marshmallows few days ago so this was a big treat for her. She was VERY careful so it took a while for her to melt the marshmallow but she loved and ended up eating two big ones!

S'mores + Fireplace + Friends = Good Time! :-)

Day 20 Activity: Christmas shopping!

We went shopping for Christmas! Enough said…. :-)

Day 21 Activity: Fireworks! Roman candles

I remembered Bella having so much fun with roman candle fireworks at Nana Do’s last year so I decided to get some for her this year. I was told that it’ll be hard to find them at this time of the year so I ordered bunch of them online paying very expensive shipping cost only to find out later that our local grocery store was selling them 50% off! :-( Anyway, we have lots of them now and Bella loved them!

Bella playing w/ roman candle fireworks

Day 22 Activity: Quiet time…

It’s been crazy with all the holiday activities, events, and prep works and on day 22, we are just chillin’ with the family….

Chloe wrapped a big Christmas gift for Daddy! :-)

25 Days Till Christmas {Day 18}

Day 18 Activity: Color nails with Christmas colors!

When we visited Ulta store a couple of weeks ago, Bella helped me pick out few new nail polish colors and we finally colored our nails tonight! Well, Mommy colored Bella’s nails and Bella “painted” Mommy’s nails. My nails looked a bit like someone bled on them but Bella was so cute doing it! :-) We tried to color Chloe bear’s toe nails as well but she was too wiggly so I’ll have to wait till she falls asleep and stays still. *^^*

Red & happy! :-)

Sparkle red & silver Christmas nail polish! :-)

25 Days Till Christmas {Day 15, 16 & 17}

Day 15 Activity: Watch a Christmas movie and eat popcorn.

When I said “Christmas movie,” I wasn’t really thinking about Disney’s Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas special edition but oh well, I guess that’s what happens when you have a little 4-year old girl. :-) It was fun to snuggle with Bella on the couch, watching the movie and sharing popcorn together. Chloe loved it, too and she cooed lots! I love my girls!!

Day 16 Activity: Send Christmas cards.

This year, I wasn’t stressed over Christmas cards at all (I always struggle with which pictures to include and what design to use, etc.) and I had ordered them early! And then….well, I forgot to send them early! I’m thinking it’s still good as long as people get the cards before this year is over! :-)

Day 17 Activity: Drive around to look at all the Christmas lights.

We got to do a lot of driving around and looking at the Christmas lights this month and they are all so pretty and beautiful! We found one near our house the other night that was quite impressive and fully animated. Of course, I decided to stop and take a picture of it, even though Chloe was crying loudly in the back seat, needing to be fed! :-) I love it when Bella points out different lights and decorations, especially when she recognizes Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus.

Exhibit 1: impressive Christmas lights 2011 :-)

25 Days Till Christmas {Day 13 & 14}

Day 13 Activity: Wrap Christmas gifts.

Bella and Mommy had so much fun picking out Christmas gifts for her classmates and teachers. It’s true what they say; it really is more fun and rewarding to give than to receive! I hope Bella grows up to be a giver and find more joy and happiness in giving than receiving.

Bella helped Mommy wrapping all together about 16 gifts (and that is a lot for her tiny hands!!) with cutting wrapping papers, taping, finding perfect bows and ribbons and signing all the cards! She also wrote a long message in the cards for her two teachers, which I was very impressed about! By the time we finished everything, it’s after 9pm! Obviously we had too much fun and lost track of time. :-) Who knew wrapping gifts could be this fun?!

Bella signing all the cards with her tiny hand...precious!

Day 14 Activity: Deliver gifts to Bella’s teachers and friends.

The next day, Bella and I visited her school and delivered all her gifts. She also visited her previous year teacher, Mrs. Roth, and delivered her card and a gift. Mrs. Roth wasn’t expecting so it was a wonderful surprise for her, which made Bella very happy. *^^*

Joyful giving!


25 Days Till Christmas {Day 11 & 12}

Day 11 Activity: Read a story about the birth of baby Jesus.

It literally melt my heart watching Bella holding Chloe while listening to Daddy, reading the story of Birth of our savior, Jesus Christ. This truly is what it’s all about and what we, as parents, are to do on earth for our children…raise them up to be godly and holy children of God and point and lead them to God until they can stand firm on their own. in faith.

Daddy reading Christmas story to Bella & Chloe. So cute!

The “problem” was we read it quite late at night and after the story, Bella kept wanting to read more! How do you say no to reading the Bible, right? :-) But Daddy somehow managed to distract her and carried(pic. below) her to bed. :-)

Daddy carrying (?) Bella to her bed for the night. :-)

Day 12 Activity: Pray as a family, giving thanks and praising our God!

We’re so blessed and we have so much to be thankful for this year! We took turns and said what we are thankful for and my two girls were on the top of my list, especially baby Chloe this year due to high-risk and complicated pregnancy. She, just like Bella, is indeed a miracle and the evidence of God’s grace and I can’t believe God loves us so much that he gave us not only his only begotten son but my two precious girls! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Even Chloe said that she’s thankful for our family though her voice sounded a lot like Mommy. :-) Daddy included our health and financial blessings as well. As for Bella, below is what she said. :-) Gotta love her! *^^*

When asked what she's thankful for, Bella said...


25 Days Till Christmas {Day 10}

Day 10 Activity: Be kind to someone.

We explained to Bella what being kind to someone meant and I thought it would be nice to have her give someone a little gift, just because it’s Christmas and we are thankful for all our blessings from God.

There’s this lady at our local craft store that Bella and I visit often and she often gives Bella a lollipop. This lady always has a smile on her face and is very sweet to Bella. So today, Bella and I stopped by at the store and gave her a Starbucks gift card with a little note signed by Bella, thanking her for being sweet. The lady had tears in her eyes as Bella thanked her and gave her a hug, which made me cry. It’s amazing how little it takes to make someone smile and happy. As for Bella…….she got yet another lollipop! :-)

25 Days Till Christmas {Day 9}

Day 9 Activity: Go to SeaWorld and enjoy Christmas shows & decorations!

Bella LOVES SeaWorld so it was a no brainer to include an activity that involves SeaWorld and its lovely Christmas decorations. The weather was so perfect, the Christmas decorations were lovely and Bella’s little friend’s family got to join us, which made it even better and enjoyable! The best parts were staying untill 11pm (that is VERY late for our family to be out!) in order to see ice skating show that Bella couldn’t stop talking about and the fireworks at the end of the show that was too loud for our little girls, especially for our 3-month old princess.

THE Ice Skating show that we all had to stay late for. :-)

By the time we got home and went to bed, which was about 1am the next day, we were totally exhausted and barely made it to bed. However, it was so worth watching our little girl’s face lightening up and just being so happy! I was once again so grateful for all the blessings we had from God….

Bella with pearl lady(?) *^^*

25 Days Till Christmas {Day 7 & 8}

Day 7 Activity: Deliver Christmas treats to our neighbors.

It was so cute to watch Bella delivering cookies to our neighbors! Apparently Bella felt all grown-up and wanted to do it by herself so Daddy had to wait in the front yard while she rang the doorbell and delivered the cookies. :-) Of course, when Bella was done delivering, she was rewarded with a cookie for herself and we all had to pay for the affect of sugar on kids that night! :-)

Day 8 Activity: Sing Christmas carol.

This sort of became our daily activity since Bella is practicing many Christmas songs for school and church Christmas performances. Every time we get in the car, she asks for “her songs” which means I have to play her Christmas songs over and over and over again. :-) I love how she sings “Jingles Bells” instead of “Jingle Bells~” So cute!


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