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Happy 6th Anniversary!

There are no words to describe how much I love you, my dear love, for it is deeper than the deepest sea and higher than the highest mountain in the world. But if I must, I’d like borrow E.E. Cummings’ words, which is not even close to how I feel for you but it must do for now….

Happy 6th Anniversary and I’ll do it all over again a thousand times as long as you are with me.

I carry your heart with me (I carry it in
my heart) I am never without it (anywhere
I go you go, my dear; and whatever is done
by only me is your doing, my darling)

I fear no fate (for you are my fate, my sweet ) I want
no world (for beautiful you are my world, my true)
and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows
higher than soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart

I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart)

 by E.E. Cummings


I miss you and I’m so ready to come home! :-)

Hi, Baby!!

We miss you!  It’s been only a few days but I’m keenly aware of your absence and I’m so ready to come home to you!  Bella misses you (she really does ask me, “where daddy go, mommy?” few times a day!) but I miss you the most!

I was thinking about when was the last time we were apart like this and I couldn’t remember really.  We hardly go anywhere without the other (come to think of it, we either quit or changed our jobs in the past because we didn’t like to be apart!) and I hate being away from you.  I don’t know how we did it in the beginning of our marriage, especially when you had to put me on the plane for my business trip merely three days after we got married!  Do you remember my long business trips overseas that lasted anywhere from two to almost four weeks? They are all good memories but for the record, I don’t want to do it again! :-) I think a week is about all I can handle. 

It seems like Bella is growing up too fast these days.  I hate your missing all the little moments of her “growing up” for the past few days.  She’s been so cute with pops and grandma Jackie and you would’ve loved watching her playing dress-up with her aunt Merri and her little friend, Addison.  I know she is our daughter and all but she was the cutest princess ever and she looked precious when she walked while holding her dress in her hands, trying so hard not to trip over. :-)

Bella loves her pool time (I actually “bribe” her with it so that she’d take her afternoon naps and it works like a magic!) and I’m thinking a house with a pool needs to be considered seriously. :-)  She became very comfortable in the water in the past few days and pops is so proud of her.  She floats all by herself (of course with her “floaty wings”), which was impossible in the first couple days, I tell you.  She loves when pops and aunt Merri race in the water and she shouts, “go, pops! go aunt Merri!” to cheer them.  Yes, she is indeed the most precious thing you’ve ever seen! :-)

We’ll be coming home tomorrow and we are excited!  I for one can’t wait to snuggle in the couch with you and who knows what kind of attention Bella’s gonna need from you.  I’m quite sure that she’ll try to tell you all kinds of story of her time with pops and grandma Jackie when we come home so I hope you are ready.  Not to worry.  I’ll be there and translate everything for you. :-)

Love you and see you tomorrow!

hugs and kisses,

Forever Yours!

You are so good to your daughter

My dear sweet husband,

I was watching parenthood on TV today and found myself crying, watching this father having hard time letting his fifteen-year-old daughter “grow up” so to speak.  And of course, I thought of you the whole time. :-)

You are such a wonderful daddy to our little girl and I’m so thankful that Bella has you to look up and compare other “boys” to (yes, whether you like it or not, she will encounter other boys, trust me! *^^*).  I know that our Bella will grow up to be a beautiful and godly woman and I pray that she will be wise in choosing a man who meets the standard that you set up.  (I really am not trying to give you a heart attack here, I promise! :-))

My Favorite "Father & Daughter" :-)

I can’t wait for Bella to get a bit older so that you can start taking her out on father-and-daughter dates, where you will show her how man should treat a woman.  She will learn from you that a godly man ought to…

  • follow Christ with all his heart and worship God and only God
  • be gentle
  • treat women with utmost respect
  • guide and counsel his wife
  • be courteous
  • love his wife as Christ loved the church
  • open and hold the doors for a lady
  • be honest
  • protect his wife from all things
  • be righteous
  • know (or at least try *^^*) how to listen to his wife’s needs
  • make his wife the priority in his life and let her know that she’s the most important person in the world to him
  • take responsibility and exercise leadership with authority given by God
  • take care of his wife
  • be a best friend to his wife
  • bring water to his wife in her nightstand :-)
  • know saying “yes, ma’am” is the secret to a happy marriage :-)
  • know his wife is right at all times :-)
  • give back rubs night after night :-)

Ok, so I couldn’t help it toward the end of the list, but you know what I’m trying to say. :-)

I know our Bella will love like you do and I’m glad for it, my love….

Daughters by John Mayer

I know a girl
She puts the color inside of my world
But she’s just like a maze
Where all of the walls are continually changed
And I’ve done all I can
To stand on her steps with my heart in my hands
Now I’m starting to see
Maybe it’s got nothing to do with me

Fathers, be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do
Girls become lovers who turn into mothers
So mothers, be good to your daughters too

Oh, you see that skin?
It’s the same she’s been standing in
Since the day she saw him walking away
Now I’m left
Cleaning up the mess he made

So fathers, be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do
Girls become lovers who turn into mothers
So mothers, be good to your daughters too

Boys, you can break
You’ll find out how much they can take
Boys will be strong
And boys soldier on
But boys would be gone without the warmth from
A womans good, good heart

On behalf of every man
Looking out for every girl
You are the god and the weight of her world

So fathers, be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do
Girls become lovers who turn into mothers
So mothers, be good to your daughters too

A Fabulous Husband Indeed!

My sweet awesome husband,

I miss you, Baby! :-)

After some comments from me at my Bible study group this morning, our group leader looked at me and said, “I really do want to meet your husband someday.  He sounds like really an awesome guy!”  And to that I said, “Yes, he is!  That’s why I married him!” :-) 

I do have an awesome husband indeed and I just wondered if I tell you that enough.  Do I?  I think not…and I am sorry.  You are such a great husband and you deserve to hear that a thousand times a day! (Don’t let this go to your head though for your sake.  We know how sensitive you are about your head size…. *^^*)  For some reason, I have hard time telling you that face to face while I have absolutely no problem talking and “boasting” about you to others all the time!  You would think that I wouldn’t get embarrassed by anything with you by now after being married to each other for over five years but I guess certain things are still hard and embarrassing. 

But since we are on this subject, let me count the ways why you are so fabulous! :-)

  • You are a Christ follower and that should say everything about you!
  • You make me laugh. In fact, you make the whole world laugh and that is why people want to be around you.
  • You are so loving and caring towards our little daughter and towards pretty much all the children!
  • You tear up at hallmark commercials and/or chick flick! (sorry to bring this up but you are manly enough for me to say that! *^^*)
  • You are very responsible.
  • You vacuum and mop the floors, empty the trash cans, fold the laundry, do the dishes, etc. for me.  (I’m forever grateful to your mom who raised you to be helpful around the house!)
  • You are very considerate of others.
  • You love me, despite of all my shortcomings.
  • You are a wonderful head of our household and you take care of us.
  • You are very handsome and hot.  Yes, I said hot, in fact, sizzling! :-)
  • You do depend on me on certain things!
  • You want to make me happy and try to do things for me.
  • And the back rub….  You are fantastic at giving it! (That reminds me, can I have one tonight, please?) :-)
  • I feel safe and secure with you and you never let me doubt of your love for me.
  • Need I say more? :-)

I love you with all my heart, honey, and you are just so fantastic!  I hope you know that even if I don’t tell you that enough.  You do make me want to be a better person and I want to give you the world if I could.

With Endless Love,

Your Sarang

The Best Daddy Ever!

My sweet darling husband,

As we have learned yesterday from the fabulous world of Disney movie, Mulan, I have brought honor to my family by marrying you (a.k.a. FANTASTIC match) and there’s no debate about that.  Yes, I am lucky and God blessed the heck out of me when he sent you to my life.  I don’t think I have to remind you of that. :-)

However, I want you to know just how lucky and blessed our daughter is to have you as her Daddy.  We always talk about how Bella is the cutest baby in the whole world and how other people deal with having kids that are not as adorable as ours.  :-)  But the truth is, Bella and I talk about how she has the BEST Daddy in the whole wide world and how we feel sorry for other kids whose Daddies are not as cool as hers!  *^^*

I love how she talks about your whereabouts first thing in the mornings and how she jumps up with a big smile on her face at the sound of door opening chime thinking to herself that Daddy’s home – regardless of what she’s doing at that moment, even if she was in the middle of watching her favorite princess shows! Now, that says a lot about her priority! *^^*  My favorite thing that she says lately is, “Daddy, look at this!”  I love that she wants to share everything with you and that she doesn’t want you to miss anything….

I love that bath time is a fun time with Daddy for Bella and it’s sad to know that it will end someday, too soon I’m sure, due to her being a girl and you being, well…..a boy! :-)  But I know that you two will find something that is just for the two of you and I look forward to watching her cherishing these moments with her Daddy.

I love you and thank you so much for being such a wonderful Daddy to our little precious angel.

With Endless Love,

Your Sarang

My Dearest Valentine…

My darling husband,

Can you believe this is our 5th Valentine’s Day as a married couple?  Time flies indeed….

You know how we always talk about us not remembering the time before we met each other?  Well, I was trying to remember the very first time I realized that I loved you and I just couldn’t remember it.  I remember the very first time we met at Wal-Mart check-out line (yes, technically the very first time I met you since you saw me first earlier that morning at our graduate school orientation).  When our eyes met somehow, you stood up and came right up to me to say hello.  I had no idea who you were and I was a bit scared I think.  But I sure am glad that you did say hi that day.  I remember the very first time I found out that you actually liked me as a woman, not just a friend.  It was quite funny since two of my girlfriends locked me in the car and wouldn’t let me out of the car until I “confess” that we were in a relationship.  Yes, looking back, my girlfriends maybe were right about no man would spend that much time with a woman that he’s not interested in.  That night I asked you if you liked me and you said yes.  And though I was scared and cried all night thinking that we’d never be friends again, I sure am glad you said yes that night.  I remember the very first time we kissed on the bottom of the stairs to my apartment.  You accompanied me on one of my night walks that night and I remember you being so nervous.  I thought that was very sweet and endearing and I asked you first if I could kiss you, and you said yes.  Though I thought your heart was going to burst for I could feel your fast and loud heart beats, I sure am glad we kissed that night under the stars.  I remember having butterflies in my stomach for the very first time in my life….

Yes, I remember so many “first times” with you, but I can’t seem to remember when I loved you for the very first time.  Maybe I loved you on the night of our first kiss or maybe I loved you on one of my night walks that you accompanied me.  Or maybe, just maybe, I loved you the very first time you said hello but I just never really realized it until later.  I’m not sure when it happened but one thing for sure, I do love you more than anything in this world and I feel like I have loved you all my life even before I met you.  I know that I love you because nobody has ever made me feel this way before and I feel so safe with you.  I know that I love you because I actually love it when you touch me and you know how I feel about other people touching me. *^^*  I know that I love you because God had brought you to me that summer of 2002 as His perfect provision for me and you have never left my side ever since.  And that is why I’m so sure of one thing: our marriage is not only going to last forever but we will have fun and share lots of memories and laughter until we both get home to God.

I’m so proud of us two for the things we have accomplished together as one so far.  We made through our very difficult first two years of marriage where we had to make a lot of sacrifices and adjustments.  There were many tears and broken hearts, but we never gave up, set our priorities straight and put God in the center of our lives.  We made a home where we can be nobody but ourselves and be safe.  And you know that is very important to me since I never really had a home growing up.  And we “made” Bella as a fruit of our love and God’s grace who is an apple of our eyes and a joy to watch.  I don’t know what God has planned for us in the future but I can not wait to find out what’s next on our life journey together.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Baby.  You are my everything and I love you so very much that it actually hurts.  Thank you for loving me and providing for our family.  You are the greatest gift I could ever ask for and I plan to keep you for a very very very long time. *^^*

With Endless Love,

Your Sarang

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