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{10 beauty & skin care tips you live by}

I’m from Korea, a country where every woman is obsessed with skin and beauty care like no other. It is one market that European and Western companies have hard time getting into or staying profitable. The daily skin care regime that most women follow in Korea is crazy complicated and long and I used to be one of them. And then, well…I moved to this country (no offense, I simply mean I left Korea *^^*) plus I became a mom, which means I’m lucky if I have time, money and energy to put moisturizer on my face! However, being a Mary Kay beauty consultant helped me much to take care of myself, at least a bit. Besides I feel so much better when I look “presentable!” :-)

1. Sunscreen: It doesn’t matter if you are under the shade or it’s cloudy and you can hardly see the sun! The sun is really, really powerful and we all should be very scared of UV rays! Sunscreen or moisturizer with SPF is a must, especially if you live in FL!

2. Wash, wash, wash!: Clean your face! Our pores are pretty disgusting things and it collects all kinds of dust, oil, etc. You don’t want to go to bed with all that dirt on your face, do you? :-)

3. Eye cream!: We are all aging daily no matter how old you are. Start early. The skin around our eyes are the most sensitive part of our skin and it needs extra care. I know eye creams are a bit pricey for such small packagings but they are worth it. You can always find cheaper and affordable ones at your local drug store (e.g. RoC), so use them, por favor!!

4. My silky smooth skin comes at a high cost!: Ok, so I don’t have perfect silky smooth skin but apparently mine is relatively better than many others I know. The reason? Body lotion! I can’t live without it and that is why Bath and Body Works is one of my favorite stores. Sometimes I hate putting them on, especially in the hot summer but trust me. It works!

5. Scrub until it hurts!: I’m half-joking and half-serious here. We Koreans have something called, “Italy Towel” (Don’t ask me why it’s Italy towel. I have no idea but we’re weird and nonsensical like that sometimes in my country) that we use to scrub our bodies with in the shower. It’s horrible especially when you witness what comes off of your body (dry skin: they look grey-ish and wet of course because you are scrubbing in the shower). But I must tell you, you feel so clean and you can feel it in your skin. You can hear things slip off from your skin because it’s so smooth!

"Italy towel" It comes in various colors and lengths.

6. Basic skin care: Below is very BASIC skin care I follow which exclude any mask, oil mattifier, anti-aging treatment, etc. I highly recommend following those steps at the least!!

  • DAY: Facial cleanser – Acne treatment (if you need it) – Sunscreen (you may skip this step IF you are using a moisturizer w/ SPF) – Moisturizer – Eye cream – Foundation – Loose powder – Make-up (Color cosmetics)
  • NIGHT: Eye make-up remover (important if you want to get rid of that mascara & eye liner!) – Facial cleanser (that removes make up as well. If not, use color make-up remover before this step) – Acne treatment (if you need it) –  Moisturizer – Additional moisturizer (I have a dry skin so I need additional hydration!) – Eye cream

Contact Me with all your Mary Kay needs!

7. Blow dry at LOW heat.: I won’t lie. You WILL get split ends in your hair no matter what you do from the sun and other hazardous(?) things we come into contact with. But it does really help if you blow dry your hair in LOW heat. It’s a pain in the neck since it takes twice longer to dry your hair but you’ll notice the difference!

8. Don’t pop that zit!: Don’t pop it. You are giving yourself a scar on your face by doing that and the zits always come back on the same spot if you do that. I know it’s very tempting. I’ve done many times. But just don’t!

Just Don't Do It!! :-)

9. Neck is part of your face!: Yes, that thing attached to your head. It doesn’t look good if your face and neck age differently because you didn’t take care of you neck so start treat it as part of your face and apply all the basic skin care products on it as well!

10. Be a Disney princess!: I’m talking about one particular princess: A Sleeping Beauty! :-) Duh! We all know this but it’s always hard to get 8 hours of sleep a day for some reason. I hardly do it myself! But if I live a lifestyle of early 20s for a few days (staying up or out late), it always shows on my face in the forms of dark circles, puffy face, zits, dull skin reflection, etc….must I go on? So sleep, princesses! :-)

Don't expect the prince to show up! That's an optional!! :-)

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