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The Gift of Now

Bella left this morning for school with her almost kindergartener t-shirt that her preschool class has made to get excited about next year. And as I tie the side of her shirt to make it ‘wearable’ because it’s still too big for her little body (and always will be her little tiny body for her mama), I almost yell at her, “stop growing, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!” She’s almost a little lady and I can see it in her posture, the way she walks and how she handles herself in every little way…and I know…the time is closer…to let her go eventually and let her be her own person in Christ..not yet, but soon…sooner than this mama would like it to be…

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“You can cut umbilical cords but you can’t cut heart strings” Voskmp says and I know how true that is. “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” How right of you, Dr. Seuss. Voskamp says “The best way to prepare for what’s ahead is to be present to what is now. Be present to the gift of now.” and I nod in agreement and I’m grateful that I paid attention this morning…to Bella’s beautiful little face with her bright eyes and shy smile, to her slim back and her beautiful up-do hair as she walks away with her Daddy to get in the car, to both of their never-ending good-bye waves until the car disappears around the corner. I’m so thankful that I didn’t rush this morning and was not in a hurry watching little Chloe going for a walk around the neighborhood dragging her little wagon so proudly, dancing and running at the same time, drawing on our driveway with chalks getting our hands all messy, blowing bubbles and watching Chloe spilling soap water all over her tiny little body and talking to birds and laughing together.

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And I marvel and wonder at how much joy God brings when I’m being present to the gift of now. The peace of God comes upon me and I know it’s His unfailing love showering me with His grace so that I can be glad and sing for joy all the days of my life. I love you, Lord, and that’s all I have to give you….


Happy 1st Birthday, Chloe Bear!

Chloe Bear digging into her 1st birthday cake

A year ago today (after many complications and much prayers), God placed our sweet baby girl into our arms and put us in charge to raise her in His way. We are forever thankful for His grace and we named our little miracle, Chloe Eunhae (meaning “grace”). I see God’s face everyday in my precious girl’s smiles and her sweetness and once again I know that God is love….
I lift up Chloe bear higher today than yesterday and remind myself that she is God’s before she is mine and that God has got her covered with His wonderful promises and plans for her life. How did I get to be so blessed to witness His work in our little Chloe bear?!
Happy Birthday, my sweet beloved! I can’t wait to teach you about your heavenly Father and how much He loves you, sweet girl. And I sing for joy for all the days that we get to unfold God’s grace together. Like your Daddy always says, Jesus loves you the most but we are close second




The Evidence of God’s Grace

Enough said.

++ Two Tiny Loves of My Life ++


You are 9 months old!

My dearest Chloe….

I love you so much. When Mommy was pregnant with you, I did worry about whether I would love you as much as I love your big sister. You see, Bella is Mommy’s first child and there’s nothing like having a child of your own for the very first time. Everything was new and Bella meant the world to Mommy. I hope and pray that one day, both you and Bella get to experience a wonderful and marvelous miracle of motherhood like I did (not for a long long time though *^^*) and only then you will understand what I’m talking about. Anyway, all that worry about loving you enough went away when I saw you for the first time. You were the cutest baby, just like your big sister, and I loved you so much it hurt.

Your smiles brightens the room like no other. You smile as if your body can’t contain all the excitement you feel inside and explodes in your face. I just love it. They are contagious too. I remember having a bit of tough time physically and emotionally soon after you were born but one smile from you once in a while made it all worth it.

You are now 9 months old. Time does fly and I can’t believe that you are already standing up by yourself and crawls everywhere and so quickly. Because of you, I do clean and vacuum the floor more often so that you have a clean floor to crawl on to. However, you are such a great “mop” and it would be a great idea to attach a real mop on your tummy so that you can just clean as you crawl. :-) Why waste all that energy when you can be useful, right? :-)

At your 9 month check-up, you weighted 5 lbs 14 oz and measured at 27 inches long. You were in between 25 and 50 percentile in your growth in both weight and height. Soon after your 9 month check-up, you got very sick with a stomach virus, which later spread to the entire family. But after 10 days later, we all seem fine and you are back to your usual self: happy and loud!

You love un-ni (older sister). Everytime Bella says or does anything, you giggle and laugh at her loudly. Your eyes follow her everywhere all the time and you two love playing together in un-ni’s room. I just love watching you two play together and I pray that you two will remain as best friends for the rest of your lives. Also, you are a big time Daddy’s girl. It’s all about Daddy 24/7. Sometimes I’d be holding you in my arms but as soon as Daddy walks into the room, you reach both of your arms to him, wanting to be held by him. It is indeed very sweet and I only get jealous once in a while, just a bit. *^^*

God has blessed me so much with you and you are indeed a proof of God’s grace. I love you, my darling, and Jesus loves you, too.

Love always,


52 ABC Projects: No. 11 {Quiet time with my Chloe Bear}

Our little Chloe bear is already 7 months old! I don’t know what happened!! I feel like I blinked my eyes for two seconds and she is sitting up on her own and has teeth to chew things!  Though time passed so fast, we loved and enjoyed every minute and every day we spent with her. In fact, it’s hard to remember the time before Chloe…

Having a play time at our back porch with Chloe bear. Love her two cutest teeth! *^^*

We had few hiccups in the past few weeks though. Chloe has had hard time with sleeping and gaining weight and we had a separation anxiety issue for a while. Thankfully, we have found out through our lovely pediatrician, Dr. Chaban, that Chloe was not getting fed enough. She had hard time taking formula before so it was very hard to supplement but finally she decided to like formula little over two weeks ago and now she’s eating so well. She sleeps so much better and is much happier! We are still working on a separation anxiety but she’s improving everyday!

She’s drinking between 28 oz. to 32 oz. a day plus she’s still liking her solid food. She recently got into rice rusks and she just loves it, which means she normally needs bath soon after because rice rusks are quite sticky after Chloe is done with them. :-) She sits up by herself very well now but I don’t think she’s in a hurry to crawl yet and that’s perfectly fine with mommy. *^^*

She has the brightest smile and she loves her tiny tales story time at the library. She loves her big sister and giggles out loud when her big sister acts silly in front of her. Of course, everything she gets her hands on, it goes directly into her mouth and her two teeth leave bite marks in pretty much everything she decide to put in her mouth. She loves her play time at the back porch in the mornings and I sometimes wish that time stands still for a long time so that our Chloe bear can stay tiny forever in my arms….

Chloe bear's favorite snack these days...rice rusks!

52 ABC Projects: No. 6 {On Becoming Babywise}

We love our Chloe bear so much and she is, like her big sister, a sweet and adorable girl of God.

Bath time is always fun w/ Chloe!

We have raised our 4-year old fun-loving daughter Bella so this is not something new. But sometimes you forget or sometimes you take things for granted. I’ve read all kinds of books about raising children and parenting with Bella simply because I didn’t know. With Chloe, I figured I’d remember all the things from Bella or that I would just…well, know what to do now. False! :-( I have forgotten many many things plus this time, I was lazy and tired. So even though Chloe is over 6 months old, we were getting up so many times at night to comfort her, nurse her, rock her and do anything and everything to put her back to sleep. We’re all sleep-deprived, cranky, unhappy and simply exhausted. I had to do something….

That’s when I came across the book On Becoming Babywise by Ezzo and Bucknam, which I used when I first had Bella. As I was reading the book in desperation, I remembered the things I have done with Bella and how helpful the book was to me then. So I put into action right away and Chloe was put on “Babywise method” from feeding to nap & sleep schedule. And on day 2, things are so different and Chloe bear is so much happier and rested! Thank you, Lord!!! The world is a much better place now that we’re getting some much-needed sleep and morning is much more pleasant to face. Although we have a long way to go until she can completely sleep through the night, I’ll take those little improvement any day because I know this time will pass.

A happy princess on the morning of day 2 of On Becoming Babywise

Did I mention we love our baby Chloe bear so much? Well, we do! :-)

Starbucks Me Likee~ :-)

Chloe Bear @ 6 Months

Chloe is growing fast. She weighs 12 lbs 5 oz and is almost 25 inches tall at her 6 months check-up! It’s so wonderful but sad. :-( I want her to stay little forever so that I can hold and carry her everywhere forever.

She took her first airline trip to Arizona to see her nana Do and aunt Mary and she did so wonderfully. I think she’ll be an excellent traveler just like her big sister and loves anything airplane, airport, tram, souvenir store, etc. :-)

52 ABC Projects: No. 2 {Chloe Bear Photo @ 4 Months}

Chloe Bear (4 mos.)

Oh how time flies….

My little girl is already 4-months old, weighs 11 lbs 4 oz. and is 24 inches tall. She’s such a happy girl, especially in the mornings when she wakes up. With her biggest and brightest smile, she makes you feel like you are the most special person in the whole wide world and that you can do anything!

She loves her big sister SO MUCH and can’t stop smiling at her. She has her Daddy’s beautiful eyes and cute ears (*^^*) and melts Daddy’s heart every time she looks at him. She loves sucking three fingers all at once unless she gets the whole hand in her mouth. She loves playing in her walker and putting everything in her mouth, of course. She loves PraiseBaby music DVDs and loves being sung. She doesn’t really care for being strapped in her car seat or car drive and she’ll let you know with her loudest cry. She loves human contact and is spoiled and wants to be held often as many babies do. :-)

She’s pure joy in my life and I can’t believe that she; belongs to me. I’d like to think that I must have done something right to deserve her but I know for a fact that I haven’t. So once again, I’m so thankful to my God who loves me enough to give me one of the greatest gifts in the entire world.

Already 14-weeks old Chloe bear

Chloe bear in her cute winter red dress *^^*

Chloe Grace is growing bigger and cuter everyday! She’s almost 15 weeks old and she’s ready for her 1st Christmas, I think. :-) She smiles very often and coos all the time. When I lay her on her play-mat for some playtime, she studies different toys intensely and started to grab them with her tiny hands. Her legs are getting stronger too and she can stand up longer and longer everyday. She is such a good baby, just like her big sister, and sometimes I do wonder what I did right to deserve such wonderful and easygoing kids! :-) We are just so blessed to have our little Chloe to enjoy this Christmas together and I can’t wait for her to say the name of our savior, Jesus, with her tiny lips soon!

Mommy loves you so very much, Chlo!


Chloe Update

Chloe is almost 3 weeks old! She has already gained 11 oz. and grew an inch as of her 2 weeks appointment and who knows how big she is now! :-) She is very much loved by her big sister and Bella always make sure Chloe gets lots of kisses and hugs. In fact, when Bella gets home from her outings, Chloe is the first person she checks up on and says, “aw~~ she’s so cute!” every time! It is indeed cute to watch the girls and I can’t wait for them to grow up to be each other’s best friend!

Chloe bear loves to eat! :-)

Mommy, Daddy & our No. 2 Princess (Beanie was at school this day)

Hello, beautiful eyes!!! *^^*

Sisters hangin' out :-)

sweet kisses from her big sister...

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