The Gift of Now

Bella left this morning for school with her almost kindergartener t-shirt that her preschool class has made to get excited about next year. And as I tie the side of her shirt to make it ‘wearable’ because it’s still too big for her little body (and always will be her little tiny body for her mama), I almost yell at her, “stop growing, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!” She’s almost a little lady and I can see it in her posture, the way she walks and how she handles herself in every little way…and I know…the time is closer…to let her go eventually and let her be her own person in Christ..not yet, but soon…sooner than this mama would like it to be…

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“You can cut umbilical cords but you can’t cut heart strings” Voskmp says and I know how true that is. “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” How right of you, Dr. Seuss. Voskamp says “The best way to prepare for what’s ahead is to be present to what is now. Be present to the gift of now.” and I nod in agreement and I’m grateful that I paid attention this morning…to Bella’s beautiful little face with her bright eyes and shy smile, to her slim back and her beautiful up-do hair as she walks away with her Daddy to get in the car, to both of their never-ending good-bye waves until the car disappears around the corner. I’m so thankful that I didn’t rush this morning and was not in a hurry watching little Chloe going for a walk around the neighborhood dragging her little wagon so proudly, dancing and running at the same time, drawing on our driveway with chalks getting our hands all messy, blowing bubbles and watching Chloe spilling soap water all over her tiny little body and talking to birds and laughing together.

2013-05-03 09.49.05 2013-05-03 09.23.38 2013-05-03 09.21.16

And I marvel and wonder at how much joy God brings when I’m being present to the gift of now. The peace of God comes upon me and I know it’s His unfailing love showering me with His grace so that I can be glad and sing for joy all the days of my life. I love you, Lord, and that’s all I have to give you….


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