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10 Things Thursday

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{10 favorite memory photos}

I’m walking down the memory lane today… There are too many photos so I’m just going to pick only few of them from year 2006-2008. It’s so much fun to look at old photos!

1. The first picture I got of my adopted sister from China in 2006. She was only 5 years old back then!

Merri Jones, Aug. 2006

2. When we were young & free (w/o kids, that is!)

New York, Nov. 2006

New York, Nov. 2006

3. One big(?) happy family

Enjoying SeaWorld w/ family Nov. 2006

4. Chicago…muder mystery dinner party. What were we thinking dressing up like that?! :-)

Dec. 2006

5. Beautiful, quiet life…

Beach with my little sister, Apr. 2007

6. And then, there comes the baby…Bam!

32 wks pregnant, Oct. 2007

I mean seriously cute! *^^*

Still cute even when she cries! Dec. 2007

7. Our first Christmas together with sweet Bella Bean.

Mommy & Bella

Bella & her sleep deprived folks...

The best Christmas gift ever! Dec. 2007

8. Few of my favorite pictures of my man & my girl…

Daddy & Bella moment, Feb. 2008

Daddy teaching Bella "tricks"

B always got smiles for Daddy

9. Bella & food stories? *^^*

Bella's Spoon trick!

Mac & Cheese, anyone? :-)

Busted! Bella found a candy jar...

10. Bella in her Korean dress & Easter outfit? :-)

Nov. 2008

Bella Princess (1 yr. old)


10 Things Thursday {4th of July Edition}

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{10 things to make this 4th of July more fun and meaningful!}

I’m from Korea originally and my husband, an American citizen, was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. Needless to say, we are not the most patriotic people you’d ever meet. Honestly, I’m not particularly patriotic towards my own home country. Nothing against Korea but that’s just how I am. There’s no doubt that our children will be confused in terms of their nationality (he he he). My American Dad, on the other hand, is a very patriotic man. He was a Ranger and served during Korean war and he loves American history and what this nation stands for. I love and admire his passion and I wish I could be more like him.

Unfortunately, the 4th of July was never a big deal in our family and we hardly do much (yes, we do BBQ with friends sometimes but that’s pretty much it). However, I must say that I’m VERY proud of this country and I cry over American soldiers all the time! This 4th of July, we’re going to visit Pops (my American Dad) and spend some time at the beach as well. I’m hoping to make this 4th of July a fun and meaningful holiday for Bella and maybe I’ll teach her (or have my hubby teach her…after all, he is indeed a legal American! *^^*) a thing or two about what it means to be an American!

1. Praise God for this wonderful country and the freedom we enjoy. Pray for all the soldiers (both past and present) for their safety and protection. Be thankful.

2. Fireworks! Need I say more? :-)

3. Hang an American flag! If you don’t own one (like yours truly!), maybe it’s time to get one?

4. Make some 4th of July crafts with your little or big ones.

Independence Day Garland

5. Introduce your favorite American hero from the history to your children.

6. Plant colorful flowers that are white, red and blue!

Temporary Transplant

7. Buy a snow cone maker and make some with white, red & blue syrup just because. :-) They are a huge hit with little ones! I’m totally getting one for Bella….and me, of course!! :-)

8. Bake cupcakes, cookies or cakes in star designs. Yum & pretty!

pound cake with berries

9. Attend local July 4th events. There are too many to count!

10. Shop and take advantage of the 4th of July Sales! ^~* Sorry, I can’t help it! :-)

10 Things Thursday

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{10 books for summer reading}

I never thought I’d actually say this but “I like reading.” There! I’ve said it! :-) I have a pile of books on my nightstand that I can’t wait to go through and the summer is perfect time to be lazy on the beach, by the pool or even on the couch and just read away! Below are some of my favorite books I’ve read in the past year and a hlaf.

1. In need of God’s love or a reminder of God’s love? Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

2. In need of laughter and weird sense of humor? Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris

3. In need of romance and well, yes, vampires and werewolves? :-) The Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer

4. In need of improvement in various roles you play (wife, woman, parent, etc.) through prayer? The Power of Praying series by Stormie Omartian

5. In need of sparkles in the intimacy in Marriage? Sheet Music by Dr. Kevin Leman

6. In need of advice in being a godly woman? Having a Mary Spirit by Joanna Weaver

7. In need of spicing things up for your marriage to be more fun and exciting? The Marriage Project or The Husband Project by Kathi Lipp

8. In need of something different with a twist of history but don’t mind a bit of violence? Madame Tussaud: a Novel of the French Revolution by Michelle Moran

9. In need of something sweet, simple, imaginative and easy reading? The Girl Who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison Allen

10. In need of a break from life in general including reading? Why read books?! Give your brain a break and grab some magazines with lots and lots of pictures and pray that you can have some quite time to yourself….until your kids start asking for attention, that is. :-)

10 Things Thursday {Father’s Day Edition}

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{10 things you LOVE about your hubby/significant other}

Happy Father’s Day to all the fabulous Dads out there! You know who you are and we love and appreciate you so much!

Today, I’d like to dedicate this post to my husband who is the most fantastic Daddy in the whole wide world! If your husband’s love language is Words of Affirmation like mine is, then this should get his Father’s Day celebration started!

1. I love you for who you are but that Jesus in your heart makes you more sexy and desirable!

2. You (technically it’s God but you know what I mean) gave me Bella and the-No. 2-princess-we-just-can’t-seem-to-name and I love that you are the Daddy of our children!

3. There’s nothing like cuddling with you! I feel safe the most in your arms…

4. You always make me laugh (the appropriateness is whole another story…still love you though! *^^*). I’m counting on you for pretty wrinkles on my face as I get older! :-)

5. The handy man side of you. You do look quite sexy when you hang things, assemble furnitures, fix things around the house, mow the lawn (yeah, can I get that without the shirt next time? he he he), etc. And no, I’m not just saying this so that you’ll do them since you already do them!! :-)

6. I confess. Your tolerance for this insane wife is something you should get an award for!

7. You are a hard worker and a wonderful provider for our family. I love that you are soooooooooooo intelligent and talented!

8. I love your hands that work miracles literally when you give back rubs! You’ll be my THE only Fernando forever, honey. :-)

9. I know I’m not supposed say this on loud but I love the fact that you actually enjoy watching chick flicks with me. Ha! :-)

10. To me, you have the sexiest and the most desirable body. I’m sorry but I had to say it!! :-)

10 Things Thursday

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{10 beauty & skin care tips you live by}

I’m from Korea, a country where every woman is obsessed with skin and beauty care like no other. It is one market that European and Western companies have hard time getting into or staying profitable. The daily skin care regime that most women follow in Korea is crazy complicated and long and I used to be one of them. And then, well…I moved to this country (no offense, I simply mean I left Korea *^^*) plus I became a mom, which means I’m lucky if I have time, money and energy to put moisturizer on my face! However, being a Mary Kay beauty consultant helped me much to take care of myself, at least a bit. Besides I feel so much better when I look “presentable!” :-)

1. Sunscreen: It doesn’t matter if you are under the shade or it’s cloudy and you can hardly see the sun! The sun is really, really powerful and we all should be very scared of UV rays! Sunscreen or moisturizer with SPF is a must, especially if you live in FL!

2. Wash, wash, wash!: Clean your face! Our pores are pretty disgusting things and it collects all kinds of dust, oil, etc. You don’t want to go to bed with all that dirt on your face, do you? :-)

3. Eye cream!: We are all aging daily no matter how old you are. Start early. The skin around our eyes are the most sensitive part of our skin and it needs extra care. I know eye creams are a bit pricey for such small packagings but they are worth it. You can always find cheaper and affordable ones at your local drug store (e.g. RoC), so use them, por favor!!

4. My silky smooth skin comes at a high cost!: Ok, so I don’t have perfect silky smooth skin but apparently mine is relatively better than many others I know. The reason? Body lotion! I can’t live without it and that is why Bath and Body Works is one of my favorite stores. Sometimes I hate putting them on, especially in the hot summer but trust me. It works!

5. Scrub until it hurts!: I’m half-joking and half-serious here. We Koreans have something called, “Italy Towel” (Don’t ask me why it’s Italy towel. I have no idea but we’re weird and nonsensical like that sometimes in my country) that we use to scrub our bodies with in the shower. It’s horrible especially when you witness what comes off of your body (dry skin: they look grey-ish and wet of course because you are scrubbing in the shower). But I must tell you, you feel so clean and you can feel it in your skin. You can hear things slip off from your skin because it’s so smooth!

"Italy towel" It comes in various colors and lengths.

6. Basic skin care: Below is very BASIC skin care I follow which exclude any mask, oil mattifier, anti-aging treatment, etc. I highly recommend following those steps at the least!!

  • DAY: Facial cleanser – Acne treatment (if you need it) – Sunscreen (you may skip this step IF you are using a moisturizer w/ SPF) – Moisturizer – Eye cream – Foundation – Loose powder – Make-up (Color cosmetics)
  • NIGHT: Eye make-up remover (important if you want to get rid of that mascara & eye liner!) – Facial cleanser (that removes make up as well. If not, use color make-up remover before this step) – Acne treatment (if you need it) –  Moisturizer – Additional moisturizer (I have a dry skin so I need additional hydration!) – Eye cream

Contact Me with all your Mary Kay needs!

7. Blow dry at LOW heat.: I won’t lie. You WILL get split ends in your hair no matter what you do from the sun and other hazardous(?) things we come into contact with. But it does really help if you blow dry your hair in LOW heat. It’s a pain in the neck since it takes twice longer to dry your hair but you’ll notice the difference!

8. Don’t pop that zit!: Don’t pop it. You are giving yourself a scar on your face by doing that and the zits always come back on the same spot if you do that. I know it’s very tempting. I’ve done many times. But just don’t!

Just Don't Do It!! :-)

9. Neck is part of your face!: Yes, that thing attached to your head. It doesn’t look good if your face and neck age differently because you didn’t take care of you neck so start treat it as part of your face and apply all the basic skin care products on it as well!

10. Be a Disney princess!: I’m talking about one particular princess: A Sleeping Beauty! :-) Duh! We all know this but it’s always hard to get 8 hours of sleep a day for some reason. I hardly do it myself! But if I live a lifestyle of early 20s for a few days (staying up or out late), it always shows on my face in the forms of dark circles, puffy face, zits, dull skin reflection, etc….must I go on? So sleep, princesses! :-)

Don't expect the prince to show up! That's an optional!! :-)

10 Things Thursday

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{10 websites you can’t live without!}

I spend a lot of time (maybe too much time) in front of computer everyday and there are simply too many websites that I simply can’t live without but below are some of my favorites.

1. The Princess Diaries

I know it’s my blog and all but really, I can’t live without it! Plus, it’s so much better than talking my poor hubby’s ears off! :-)


Me likie Ebates checks in my mailbox~ Who doesn’t want free money that comes with online shopping?!


 I’ve saved lots of money and enjoyed many restaurants and entertainments at discounted rates! Plus their customer service rocks!


You can’t really beat the convenience and $1 movie rental, can you? Why spend over $20 on two movie tickets plus $30-$40 on a babysitter one night when you can watch about 50 movies or so with the same amount of money, right?!


You don’t have to hate facebook just because Mark Zuckerburg is a jerk. :-)


No, I hardly shop here but all my good decorating ideas come from its website, catalogs and stores. Thank you PB for our beautiful house! *^^*


I don’t know how I lived without this website in the past! It’s so convenient to look up different translations and it’s just a click away~ Literally, thank you, Jesus! :-)


As much as I hate to admit this, I use wikipedia all. the. time! It’s just simply too easy to look things up here than really do my own research. Yes, there is that tiny little voice in my head saying, “don’t believe everything you read in here!” but I’m simply too lazy to do otherwise. :-(


If you  hear latest music or any secular music blasting through our house (other than our local Christian radio station, that is), you will always find on my computer. I just love this site!


Other than it being one of my favorite places to shop, I sort of found a “loop-hole” in their promotion/cash back system. I seem to buy whole a lot of stuff from this website and pay very little and what’s not to love about that, right? (I won’t say how in here so email me if you want to know! *^^*)


10 Things Thursday

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{10 things to do or accomplish this summer}

Summer is around the corner and if you live in places like Florida (like yours truly), well, you know the summer is already here! :-) It’s always good to have goals so let’s see what you want to do or accomplish this summer that you always wanted to do.

1. Be right with God: I know. It’s almost impossible but I shall try. I need to get my heart ready before this new baby arrives and the life of chaos starts!

2. Our new baby’s room: Yup, it’s exciting and daunting task at the same time. But we already picked out the paint color (Pink & Brown!) and that’s like half way there, right? :-)

3. Wall of picture frames: I’ve thought about doing this for ONLY for two years (inspired by Pottery Barn) so I guess it’s about time! :-)

Pottery Barn

4. Creat reading-friendly environment: Our 3-year-old girl is not much into reading (due to my laziness!) and I want to change that for her! I read a very good article “How to reaise a reader this summer” to help me with it and I’m super motivated!

5. 15 books by August: This means I’ll reach #80 for my reading list and I can totally do it….well, I think. :-)

6. Family beach vacation: Once our new baby girl joins our family, which I’m SO excited about, it won’t be just the 3 of us any more (Mommy, Daddy & Bella). So I’m squeezing in one more family vacation to the beach before I get too big with this pregnancy! Now, if only we get go to the Bora Bora beach…. :-)

Bora Bora Beach

7. Sewing SOMETHING!: I had my sewing machine for almost two years now and I literally just opened it and learned how to put thread in. Shocker! I’m hoping to sew something (curtains, futon mattress cover, cushion cover,e tc.) before this summer is over.

8. Give my hubby a day off: I’m the one who’s carrying the child in my womb but my hubby works as hard or sometimes harder! Poor thing. :-( I want to give him a day off so that he can do something fun for himself. He’ll have to wait to find out when that day is though since my mood changes hourly these days. :-)

9. Camping!: Ok, so maybe not in a conventional way. I’m NOT a camper and I know I’ll never be one. For me, camping is staying at a nice cabin somewhere with nice hot shower and a comfortable bed and my hubby will never agree to my definition of camping. So when I say camping, I mean camping in our backyard in a tent with the family. At least Bella will have fun! :-)

10. Finish cross stich project: One word: impossible. I picked out this alphabet cross stich pattern for our new baby girl and it took me about a month to finish one letter “I”, so I’m thinking this will be a pretty difficult tast. But what the heck. I shall try! :-)

This is what it'll look like when I'm finished!

10 Things Thursday

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{10 things you LOVE about yourself}

Why is it so hard to love oneself? Why is it so easy for us to find imperfection and follies in us than good and positive things? Why is the biggest barrier in loving others is not loving oneself? Including insecurity, I think false humility can be worse than pride itself sometimes. We’re all God’s children and if I look good and pleasing enough to God, then who am I to say otherwise?

Don’t be shy and list 10 wonderful things that you love about yourself. I know, I know. 10 things don’t even come close to list all the fantastic things about you but maybe we can also practice self-control today at the same time. :-)

1. My beautiful daughter: I know I’m biased but my daughter is the cutest and the most beautiful little girl in the whole wide world. Well, technically God made her, yes, but I carried her in my womb and she definitely came out of ME so I’m going to take credit for her. :-)

Bella @ 1 month old. She doesn't look like this any more, of course. :-)

2. Height: I’m tall…well, for an Asian, that is. In fact, one of the first thing that sets me apart from other Asians is my height and I’m grateful to my tall Korean mother! :-) That’s right, people. That means I can’t reach the top shelf at the most grocery store without asking for help! :-)

3. Hairless & silky smooth skin: If I don’t shave my legs (sorry, I know it’s kinda gross!) for three weeks, you can altogether count about 10 hair in my legs, which many people envy. Also, I’ve been told that I have silky smooth skin but I’d like to point out that costs me much $ and numerous trips to Bath & Body Works! :-)

4. Speaking Korean : I was born and raised in Korea so yes, I do speak Korean. I get confused whether or not Korean is my native or second language these says (I hardly get to speak it in the States and when I do speak it with my family from Korea on the phone, I constantly mumble) but hey, at least I can speak two languages, right? Now, only if I’m diligent enough to teach my child Korean….

5. OCD: Yes, I have a OCD (I’d say it’s a mild case of it, compared to that of Monk!) and I’m proud! Nothing will be done around the house without my OCD! However, the degree of it is getting “weaker and weaker” as time goes by because I don’t move a TV remote an inch to put it back where it should be on the table any more. :-)

OCD Monk

6. Sane mind against all odds: I lived quite a crazy life filled with crazy people and happenings and it’s indeed a God’s miracle that I’m as sane as I am today. Enough said.

7. Queen of multi-tasking: That’s right. I can prepare dinner, do the dishes, entertain my child, talk on the phone, watch the evening news, and plan something (e.g. family vacation, to-do list, school activities, etc.) ALL AT THE SAME TIME. :-) I guess that’s not much for many mothers out there but hey, I’m proud of myself for it.

8. Good taste in decorating: What can I say? I love pretty things and reading thousands of decorating magazines over the years paid off.

9. My To-do list: I LOVE making lists (can you tell from this post?! *^^*) and I love marking things off when they are done. In fact, sometimes I write down things that are already finished but weren’t on the list just so that I can mark them off. I know, I’m crazy like that. But without the lists, I’m totally useless. In fact, my daughter took out a paper and pen yesterday and instead of drawing unidentifiable objects like many toddlers do, she made a to-do list filled with doctor’s appointments! Hmm…

10. Desire to be better: I have hopes and dreams and I work hard to get them accomplished, at least most of them. Now, there are things like ‘be perfect in holiness and purity,’ ‘hire a maid,’ ‘do not worry,’ ‘own a small island,’ ‘rule the world’  or ‘hire a full-time masseuse named Fernando,’ which we all know that will never come true. But they ain’t gonna stop me from dreamin’! :-)

10 Things Thursday

Welcome to 10 Things Thursday!

If you are like me, you have opinions about everything. And if you and I are separated at birth, you definitely LOVE making lists (AND marking them off, of course!). So why not share it with the world and perhaps contribute to making this world a better place, right? :-) Ok, so maybe not making this world a better place so much but people still could take your tips, advice and thoughts and maybe, just maybe, you might find others’ opinion helpful!

It’s VERY simple. Just follow the steps below and enjoy!

  1. Every 4th Thursday of the month, you’ll be given a topic for you to list 10 things about and the topics will be given out monthly in advance (check on the right column of my blog under 10 Things Thursday for posting schedule) so that you can think or even draft post ahead.
  2. When posting in your blog, be as creative, crazy and fun as you wish (you can add photos, videos, drawings, etc.)!
  3. Be sure to link to my blog on every 4th Thursday of the month so that we can be all wiser after reading your post!
  4. Leave comments for others and always be nice and courteous with your comments. I know you can always use more friends. :-)

Are you with me? Ok, then. Let’s improve our lives with lists of 10 things every month, shall we?

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