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52 ABC Projects: No. 11 {Quiet time with my Chloe Bear}

Our little Chloe bear is already 7 months old! I don’t know what happened!! I feel like I blinked my eyes for two seconds and she is sitting up on her own and has teeth to chew things!  Though time passed so fast, we loved and enjoyed every minute and every day we spent with her. In fact, it’s hard to remember the time before Chloe…

Having a play time at our back porch with Chloe bear. Love her two cutest teeth! *^^*

We had few hiccups in the past few weeks though. Chloe has had hard time with sleeping and gaining weight and we had a separation anxiety issue for a while. Thankfully, we have found out through our lovely pediatrician, Dr. Chaban, that Chloe was not getting fed enough. She had hard time taking formula before so it was very hard to supplement but finally she decided to like formula little over two weeks ago and now she’s eating so well. She sleeps so much better and is much happier! We are still working on a separation anxiety but she’s improving everyday!

She’s drinking between 28 oz. to 32 oz. a day plus she’s still liking her solid food. She recently got into rice rusks and she just loves it, which means she normally needs bath soon after because rice rusks are quite sticky after Chloe is done with them. :-) She sits up by herself very well now but I don’t think she’s in a hurry to crawl yet and that’s perfectly fine with mommy. *^^*

She has the brightest smile and she loves her tiny tales story time at the library. She loves her big sister and giggles out loud when her big sister acts silly in front of her. Of course, everything she gets her hands on, it goes directly into her mouth and her two teeth leave bite marks in pretty much everything she decide to put in her mouth. She loves her play time at the back porch in the mornings and I sometimes wish that time stands still for a long time so that our Chloe bear can stay tiny forever in my arms….

Chloe bear's favorite snack these days...rice rusks!


52 ABC Projects: No. 10 {Easter Bunny & Egg}

Easter bunny. Cute! marshmallow Easter egg. Yum~ What not to like? :-) Bella got to practice shape and line drawings as well as color sorting plus she was quite creative with her Easter bunny.

When asked why we celebrate Easter, she answered, “Jesus died on the cross so that we can all go to heaven. He was in the tomb for three days! And the tomb was empty because He rose again! And that’s why we celebrate Easter, Mommy!” How can I not love her so much!!

Mommy's on the left & Bella's on the right

52 ABC Projects: No. 9 {Painting Hyacinth}

Ever since I tried to spend more time with Bella “intentionally,” I see how excited she gets when I say, “it’s time to do a craft time!” Her eyes sparkle and sometimes she jumps up and down. Oh, the joy….

Today, we decided to use celery to paint hyacinth. I noticed how kids think differently because Bella was not happy with stamped images of celery unless they were COVERED with so much paint that you can’t even tell what they are! :-) At the end, as usual, she painted everything with her fingers and brushes and covered the whole paper with so much paint. It’s hard for me to handle sometimes since I’m a total perfectionist, control freak and has a self-diagnosed OCD. But with God’s help and will-power, I was able to just let it happen. *^^* And you know what? Bella had fun and that’s all it matters!

H is for Hyacinth and my OCD improves little by little everyday! Thank you, Jesus!

H is for Hyacinth!

52 ABC Projects: No. 8 {Oobleck}

Cornstarch + Water + Food Coloring = So Much Fun!

It was messy and sometimes gross but it was totally worth it. Two friends of Bella’s were at our house for a playdate so that made it even more fun! At the end, all our hands were purple and it took few washings before we got our natural skin color back. :-)

Bella & Oobleck *^^*

30-Day Weight Loss-athon

Day 1: Find Your Real (Not Pretend) Motivation | 30-Day Weight Loss-athon

Day 1: Find Your Real (Not Pretend) Motivation

I want to lose weight because…

I want to be healthy and have more energy to give 100% of myself to God, my husband and my children and to be more effective in fulfilling my personal mission statement (PMS).

52 ABC Projects: No. 7 {Mommy & Bella Time}

Thanks to a friend of mine who volunteered to watch our little Chloe for a couple of hours, Bella and I got to have a “Mommy & Me” morning! We went bowling followed by shopping and we finished a fun morning by getting our favorite drinks….smoothies! We both missed our little Chloe bear but it was so much fun to just spend time with Bella and not to worry about a crying baby in the car or getting the car seat in and out of the car for a change! :-)

My Cute Bowler!

52 ABC Projects: No. 6 {On Becoming Babywise}

We love our Chloe bear so much and she is, like her big sister, a sweet and adorable girl of God.

Bath time is always fun w/ Chloe!

We have raised our 4-year old fun-loving daughter Bella so this is not something new. But sometimes you forget or sometimes you take things for granted. I’ve read all kinds of books about raising children and parenting with Bella simply because I didn’t know. With Chloe, I figured I’d remember all the things from Bella or that I would just…well, know what to do now. False! :-( I have forgotten many many things plus this time, I was lazy and tired. So even though Chloe is over 6 months old, we were getting up so many times at night to comfort her, nurse her, rock her and do anything and everything to put her back to sleep. We’re all sleep-deprived, cranky, unhappy and simply exhausted. I had to do something….

That’s when I came across the book On Becoming Babywise by Ezzo and Bucknam, which I used when I first had Bella. As I was reading the book in desperation, I remembered the things I have done with Bella and how helpful the book was to me then. So I put into action right away and Chloe was put on “Babywise method” from feeding to nap & sleep schedule. And on day 2, things are so different and Chloe bear is so much happier and rested! Thank you, Lord!!! The world is a much better place now that we’re getting some much-needed sleep and morning is much more pleasant to face. Although we have a long way to go until she can completely sleep through the night, I’ll take those little improvement any day because I know this time will pass.

A happy princess on the morning of day 2 of On Becoming Babywise

Did I mention we love our baby Chloe bear so much? Well, we do! :-)

Starbucks Me Likee~ :-)

52 ABC Projects: No. 5 {Apple+Paint=Work of Art}

I love Pinterest and get so many great ideas about almost everything from there. Bella has seen my Pinterest Boards about different projects we can do together and she picks certain projects from time to time. Yes, obviously she has lots of opinion (being as my daughter! *^^*) as to what we should do and one day, she thought apple painting would be fun to do. On Pinterest, they did it on a cloth bag to decorate the bag but we did it on the paper and it came out just fine. Now, how it looks below is very different from the actual finished art because Bella decided to just run apple all over the paper and it just looks like a hot mess of paint at the end. What did you expect from a 4-year old, right? :-) But no matter. We had so much fun!!

Bella having fun w/ apple painting

Bella is the funniest, cutest and most adorable 4-year old girl I know. I just love her spirit and loving heart. She says random funniest things and is full of energy all the time! I just love her so much and am so blessed to have her as my first daughter….

Bella, trying out a scooter! :-)

52 ABC Projects: No. 4 {Crayons}

A day like today doesn’t come very often. Our Chloe bear took the longest nap this morning and Bella and I got to play together with no interruption! :-) What a blessing it was. We had so much fun with crayons this morning; cutting, melting, drawing and creating art works! We giggled, shouted, squeaked and laughed together and can’t wait for another opportunity like this again!

Melting crayons & giggles *^^*

Making a crayon art

52 ABC Projects: No. 3 {Like Book}

Not long ago, I read about this cute book called “like book” and purchased one for Bella. The basic idea of this book is to communicate love by telling someone what we like about that person everyday. The one I got is for kids and my husband and I write one thing we like about Bella every night before she goes to bed. Bella absolutely love this book and always reminds us to do her like book and asks, “what do you like about me, Mommy?” :-)

I suppose you don’t really have to buy this particular book to do this since you can pretty much make your own. But this book definitely helps me to pay more attention to little things that Bella does and appreciate her as one of God’s greatest gifts to me. I hope that we get to do this as a family for a long time as our girls grow.

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