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Wordless Wednesday {Mommy by Bella}

Bella's painting of Mommy. Enough said.


Wordless Wednesday {Chloe Bear}

Little Chloe @ 8 wks

Wordless Wednesday {Beach Party}

@ Bella's BFF's birthday party

Wordless Wednesday {Bear Dream}

The cutest sleeping beauty ever! :-)

Wordless Wednesday {In Daddy’s Jeans}

Bella in Daddy's Jeans..."Mommy, it fits me!" *^^*

Wordless Wednesday {United Colors of Benetton?} *^^*

Bella & friends @ the beach hotel for July 4th

Wordless Wednesday {Lemonade Stand}

Bella's First Lemonade Purchase!

Ethan, Bella’s good friend Emily’s brother, decided to have a lemonade stand one afternoon and Bella was very excited to pay $0.25 for a small cup of lemonade. How cute are they?!

Wordless Wednesday {Express yourself!}

Bella expressing herself *^^*

Wordless Wednesday

Princess Building a Sand Castle...

I still remember Bella having nothing to do with sand whatsoever untill she was almost 2 years old! :-) She did not want to walk on the beach or touch the sand with her feet so daddy had to carry her most of the time and now, she loves it! She is Daddy’s favorite sand castle building buddy. *^^*

Wordless Wednesday: #2 Princess

Bella's Baby Sister @ 18 Weeks!

“I’m gonna have a baby sister!” says Bella excitedly. :-) I can wait for the two of them to finally meet!! Thank you, God, for your abundant blessing!

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