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Bible in 90 Days: Dy 90 Check In

I did it! Yes, I did it!!! The Bible in 90 Days! Who would have thought?!

God has been so good to me and He blessed me so much in the past 90 days through His words. In fact, I must say it was God who did it, not me. I didn’t think I was able to do it in 90 days but God made it possible. I’d love to do it again in the future but for the coming year, I’m going to read the Bible in a year so that I can really absorb all the information in it.

Thank you, God! You are the best, indeed! And I love you more today than yesterday and I know I’ll love you more and more everyday, if that’s at all possible! :-)

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Bible in 90 Days: Day 85 Check In

Bible in 90 Days- join in July 2010Yes, I have noticed that we are on the last week of B90 challenge and that I’m about two weeks behind (I’m in the middle of Luke). :-( My hubby kept saying the whole time that the Bible in 100 days is as good as the Bible in 90 days and now I’m wondering if I’m even going to finish it in 100 days even! :-) But no matter, I’m going to “keep pressing on” just like Paul says! *^^* God, I totally got this….I mean you totally got this! :-)

My thoughts:  

  • It was interesting to read Mark 6:6 that says “he was amazed at their lack of faith” referring to the people from his own town who took offense at Jesus. Seriously, what does it take to make Jesus, the son of God, be amazed? That tells me the seriousness of their lack of faith, which sadden me deeply….
  • I loved the verse Mark 10:21 “Jesus looked at him and loved him” while Jesus was talking to the rich young man, who were earnest for God’s kingdom but went away for he loves the things of the world more than God. I loved the fact that Jesus reacted to him with love and compassion and not condemnation and how sweet and tender his love was for that young man….
  • Ok, so this is totally not funny but when I read Mark 14:51-52 (“A young man, wearing nothing but a linen garment, was following Jesus. When they seized him, he fled naked, leaving his garment behind.“), I can’t help but laugh! It’s not funny ha ha laugh but laugh nonetheless. I wonder what was going through Mark’s (a.k.a. John) mind as he was fleeing naked, deserting Jesus that he followed for the past few years. I can’t imagine the regret and shame he might have felt and how they might have kept him awake many nights….
  • I love reading about the life of Jesus in different perspectives, told my different people. They are all unique and I always learn something new and different!

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Bible in 90 Days: Day 78 Check In

Bible in 90 Days- join in July 2010You ROCK, God! Enough said.

My thoughts:  

  • I loved Daniel as always, especially after I have done Beth Moore’s study on the book of Daniel (I highly recommend it to everyone!). There are so much history in this book that it makes my head spin 1000 miles per hour. :-) But I still love it!
  • Hosea is full of God’s grace and hope for someone like me! I love the prophet’s personal story in this book….
  • Jonah’s story always makes me laugh for some reason. I guess that Jonah is just too much of a “human” which is what I like about his story. I mean to think that you can actually flee from God be escaping via boat is just bizarre but then, how many stupid things do I do and think everyday that makes God, well….chuckle. I just pray that He doesn’t roll his eyes too much at me. :-)
  • Reading the books by minor prophets made me think; if there were that many major AND minor prophets (and who knows how many more there were that are not in the Bible!) delivering the same message from God over and over and over again, you would think people would get it! *^^*
  • I was thinking while reading the record of the genealogy of Jesus Christ the son of David….since Mary was a virgin and conceived Jesus by Holy Spirit and that Joseph did not have union with Mary till Jesus was born, Jesus is not blood-related to Joseph and “technically” is not a descendant of Abraham. Or is he?

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Bible in 90 Days: Day 71 Check In

Bible in 90 Days- join in July 2010It was a very lazy week for me; hence, I only got to finish Ezekiel this week. :-( I’m about 9 days behind but I think it’ll go quickly since NT will be an easy reading. The important thing is that I had a wonderful weekend with my hubby and I feel so loved~ *^^*

My thoughts:  

  • Believe it or not, I actually liked Ezekiel. Go figure! :-)
  • I liked the whole visual image of “the Spirit coming into me and raised me to my feet.” (Ezekiel 2:2) I’m actually studying about the Holy Spirit in my small group and though there are many misconceptions about it, the truth is, Holy Spirit is within us and around us in our daily life. I love asking the Holy Spirit for help with little and big things in life and I love the image of the Holy Spirit “lifting me up” to do things God has planned for me to do.
  • It’s humbling to read about many prophets and godly people in the history and how they were overwhelmed at times. It shows that they went through the struggles that I’m going through in life and that truly nothing is new under the sun like Solomon said!
  • I love the verses on restoration in Ezekiel. “I will give them an undivided heart and put a new spirit in them; I will remove from them their heart of stone and give them a heat of flesh.” (Ezekiel 11:19)
  • Ezekiel talks about many things including judgement and restoration of Israel and prophesies against many nations and it always ends with “Then you will know that I am the Sovereign Lord.” I wonder how many times God does things in my life to remind me that He is the Sovereign Lord and how many times I forget that important truth and get distracted by worldly things….

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Bible in 90 Days: Day 64 Check In

Bible in 90 Days- join in July 2010It’s labor day Monday morning; my hubby is mowing the lawn and my little princess is still asleep (it’s after 9:30am so I’m not sure what’s happening with her (maybe she had a wild night with her toys last night while we were sleeping?) but I sure am not going to wake her up since we have a long day ahead of us and she sure ain’t taking  a nap for sure. Life is good….

I’ve been lazy about my Bible reading so I’m few days behind (I just started Ezekiel) but my belly is full with God’s words! I also just started another Beth Moore study (To Live Is Christ) and I’m just so excited! I’m so encouraged by the verse in Joshua (see below) and I’m loving myself for jumping into God’s words with my both feet everyday!

Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.” -Joshua 1:8 (NIV)-

So many wonderful things are happening in my life right now (fabulous fellowship events, small group bible study, women’s bible study, wonderful books, a beautiful child and a blessed marriage) and I feel like God is pouring His blessing upon me and making me “prosper and successful” because of my meditating on His words. So thank you God for being forever faithful!

My thoughts:  

  • I think the books by three major prophets (Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel) are very hard ones to read because of its similar literary features (honestly, how much judgement against Israel and other nations can you take?). But I’m surprised by different ways to describe (or prophesy, I should say?) the same content by those prophets! I guess creativity is not that hard with God. :-)
  • Poor Jeremiah. I always feel bad for this guy. I remember watching a movie about him when I was in college and felt so sorry for him. I can’t imagine how frustrating it must have been for him to prophesy God’s words and have people not believe in what he says and prosecute him in return! His courage is truly encouraging.
  • Believe it or not, I actually enjoyed Lamentation!! I know, right?! And no, it wasn’t because it was short! :-) I liked its poetic descriptions of different things and since I’m a very visual person, many of them made sense to me. Like in verse 3:44, it says “You have covered yourself with a cloud so that no prayer can get through.” How scary it is to think that my prayers can’t get through to Him by a think cloud between us due to my sins! That definitely scared me since I rely so much on prayers and I’m so grateful that God hears my and many others’ prayers….
  • It saddens me to read about the judgement against Israel and I sometimes catch myself mourning for them, especially what Israel went through due to their sins. Can you imagine “mothers cooking their own children” (Lamentation 4:10) for they had nothing to eat?!! And yet, that’s just one picture of so many sufferings they went through. It is comforting to know though that God is forever faithful and that we have hope in Him. He is indeed our portion.

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Bible in 90 Days: Day 57 Check In

Bible in 90 Days- join in July 2010God is so good! With all the crazy things that are going on in my life, I manged to catch up quite fast with God’s help and I’m only 2 days behind in my reading! I so look forward to Oct. 2nd when I will be finally finished reading the entire Bible cover to cover as well as the knowledge and wisdom (hopefully) that come with it. God is so great….

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” -Jeremiah 1:5-

This verse was so comforting and came to me in such a timely manner! Our church is going through a serious spiritual attack right now as we have been for the past five years and as things are getting better under the leadership of a new wonderful pastor, we are being attacked again! The devil seems so angry that we are slipping through his fingers and he is doing his best to keep us bounded. But as we all know, he has no chance and is going down because our church belong to God and the devil has no place in us!! I’m so blessed to have God on my side who knows me and sets me apart even before I was born. Thank you, Lord!!

My thoughts:  

  • I wish I could memorize the entire book of Proverbs! It contains so much wisdom that I can’t stand it sometimes! :-) Like many Christian women, I, too, try my best to follow the example of the wife of noble character in Proverbs 31, which I must say is nearly impossible! :-) But with God’s help, I believe we can all achieve that. Few weeks ago, I taught a group of women about breaking free in Christ at our local church and my dear husband came to speak for a few minutes to share my testimony since he was the one who witnessed everything up close and personal. Of course, he was so generous in his comments about me but what moved me the most (or embarrassed me the most, I should say) was that he quoted the wife of noble character in Proverbs 31 by saying that I am she. I know! Tell me about it! :-) Well, I’m sure he said that because he is totally biased and blinded by love but it was terribly embarrassing since I can’t even let myself compare myself to that woman. My husband was so sweet indeed and it gave me hope that I could be that woman someday and everyday, I’ll strive to reach my goal of being the wife of noble character.
  • I don’t know about you but I still have hard time thinking hair that’s like a flock of goats and teeth that are like a flock of sheep are romantic! :-) Plus women are totally more gifted with language than men. Just read and compare Solomon’s and His lover’s description of each other! However, I do love the romance described in it and I love how God bless the union between a husband and a wife.
  • In January of this year, we miscarried our second child and someone sent me few verses from Isaiah 55. Though I was sad, I was full of hope because of my God and in Isaiah, He showed me how His ways and thoughts are not mine and how His ways are higher than mine. I trusted Him then and I trust Him now. He is powerful beyond measure, victorious and everlasting and He is mine! Enough said. Isaiah was difficult to read (even though I have studied it before!) but there are so many jewel verses and I’m just so grateful for God words through this particular prophet.

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Bible in 90 Days: Day 50 Check In

Bible in 90 Days- join in July 2010I’m still a bit behind with my reading (I’m at the end of Psalm now, which is Day 45) but I have no doubt that I’ll be able to finish by Oct. 2nd!  My Korean family finally left this morning (we left home at 4 o’clock this morning to get to the airport for their 7am flight!) after six “long and short” weeks of stay.  Needless to say, I’m quite sad and I can’t seem to stop crying on and off today….  It was quite appropriate for me to read Psalm today for it was helping me to praise and worship God and depend on Him and Him only. 

Bella’s preschool starts tomorrow as well, which means more time for me to read and my goal is to catch up on all my reading this week!

My thoughts:  

  • It was wonderful to read Esther again! I did Beth Moore’s study on Esther: It’s tough Being a Woman this past spring and loved every minute of it! We (ladies, that is) are all loyalty just like Esther for we are God’s princesses and I long to have the courage like Esther’s to say, “If I perish, I perish.”
  • I still had hard time with Job as usual but this time, I was amazed to see how Job was still able to remain righteous during his hardship (though there were parts he misunderstood God). Also, as usual, I enjoyed the last three chapters where the Lord speaks! He pretty much talks about His all powerful-ness and almighty-ness and really, as far as I’m concerned, He can do whatever He wants and pleases Him! Thank goodness our God is merciful and full of grace and loves us unconditionally!
  • All the chapters in the book of Psalm still sound the same to me but I appreciate them this time more than any other time. It was great to read songs of ascents again (once again, I did Beth Moore’s study called Stepping Up which covers Psalm 120-134) and God touched my heart more than before.

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Bible in 90 Days: Day 36 Check In

Bible in 90 Days- join in July 2010Amy from Mom’s Toolbox had posted something for me on her blog this morning….

“To those of you who are not caught up and feeling a little frustrated, I have this to say: 

No, you may not be more than 1/3 of the way into the reading. But you are more than 1/3 of the way into the calendar commitment. I bet if you rev it up for the next week or so, you WILL be caught up with the reading, as well. Make it a goal to be with us by Day 45 on August 18, our halfway point.  Pray about it. Ask Him to show you when to read. If you are really far back, then make it a goal to be half-way caught up by August 18, and completely caught up by September. You can do this, if you want to. He will help you. And I will do what I can to help you, too!!” 

I’m feel like a failure!!!! :-(  But I KNOW that I’m not!! :-)  I’m proud for the fact that I actually started the Bible in 90 Days and I know that I’m going to finish it comes Oct. 2nd!  I’m trying to spend as much time as possible with my family from Korea who I rarely see once in a few years so it’s been difficult to catch up on my reading.  In fact, I have neglected my blog all together for a few weeks now! :-) 

God is doing some wonderful things in my life and I know finishing the Bible by Oct. 2nd will be one of them He’ll help me through. I can’t wait to post my thought next Monday! 

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Bible in 90 Days: Day 29 Check In

Bible in 90 Days- join in July 2010I’ve never thought I’d like Old Testament as much as I do now!  I always preferred New Testament and thought it was more applicable for my life right now but I learned so much through godly and ungodly people in OT.  Plus I can’t believe some of the stories and they are way more interesting than any other novels I’ve read!  The more I read, I realize how little I knew about the Bible….

I’m a bit behind this week but I’m sure I can catch up soon once all the crazy things (a/c water leakage, damaged floor and a/c replacement, a car trouble due to a dead battery, car scratch repair, etc.) are settled down a bit.   

My thoughts:  

  • I really got to know David through Samuel and I really like him as a Christ follower.  He’s definitely not perfect and I felt for him deeply when his own son went against him as well as when he lost his own son.
  • I love how Solomon asked for wisdom instead of any other worldly things he could ask for a king and how God blessed him for it.  Too bad he was lead astray by his wives in his old age….
  • How in the world Solomon deal with all those wives?! Ask my husband, one is more than enough to handle!! :-)
  • I was just amazed by the evil doings of Jezebel and Ahab and God is sometimes to gracious for such people.  But then, I’m sure he loves me way more than I deserve!
  • Can I just say all the names of kings and prophets are so confusing, especially when there’s just one letter difference between the two names?! :-)

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Bible in 90 Days: Day 22 Check In

Bible in 90 Days- join in July 2010Ok, so I’ve been a slacker this week! :-)  I only finished up to Ruth and just started Samuel this morning.  It’s a bit hard since I want to spend as much time as possible with my mom who’s visiting from Korea and time just flies these days.  I not only haven’t finished my Bible reading but also neglected many other things on my to-do list for the past few days.  Well, I’m just going to have to catch up this week and hope I can finished by next Monday!  My husband said yesterday that God will still bless me even if I finished this in 100 days instead of 90. :-)

Needless to say, God is still pouring down His blessing on me through my Bible reading and thank you Mom’s Toobox for making that possible!

My thoughts:

  • I couldn’t keep track of all the battles and locations because there were simply too many! :-)
  • I liked Joshua and I think we are all great warriors of God in some way.  We have authority over devil through God who gives us that power and I feel like I can fight and win the battle against evil any day as long as God stands by me, which is like forever!! :-)
  • It’s so important to teach our children of history and the stories of the Bible so that they “remember,” obey, worship God and know who He is and what He did for us.  It is so easy to forget sometimes just like the Israelites in the period of Judges.
  • I can’t believe how stupid Samson was that he kept revealing the secret of his power to Delila!  But then, I’m sure I too repeat the same mistake over and over again sometimes….
  • As always, I think the story of Ruth and Boaz is one of the most beautiful love stories in the Bible, more so than the story of Jacob and Rachel.  I love Ruth for her loyalty, selflessness and faithfulness and I love Boaz for his caring, loving, responsible and chivalrous character.

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