30 Days of Thanksgiving:Day 7

Day 7: Thankful for God’s Creatures

“Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.” (Genesis 9:16)

I’m not an animal or pet person. My girls can ask for pets for Christmas all they want but they won’t be getting any, at least under my roof. I just don’t do animals (sorry, girls, but Mommy loves you very much!). However, it is indeed a sight to watch my little Bella jumping up and down, getting so excited about bugs, insects and anything and everything that moves, breathes, flies and crawls. Yes, I draw the line at my doorstep as far as the animals are concerned but I do get astonished by all the living creatures that God created and how they were all good in His sight when he made them. Yes, they were all good…and that’s what I tend to forget everyday….that they are all good.

Instead of the goodness of things, I find faults in everything somehow and with those faults, I bring myself down, way down, away from God sometimes. Why do I do that? Why do I not choose to see goodness in things and people and celebrate and rejoice in them? Why do I always try to take harder and more tiresome path?

I haven’t been feeling well lately and when my body is tired, all my strength and discipline seem to go out the door. Instead of thanking God for another beautiful day, I chose to grumble about how tired and sick I feel. Instead of thanking God for blessing us with my beautiful family, I chose to focus on my to-do list for them and for our house. Sometimes I do feel as though I’ll never learn…but then, I do always hear Him say, “Lean on me, child. You can’t do it alone. I’ve got you, today. Rest under my wings for a moment and be renewed.” And I love Him for such sweet comfort and such timing….

So today, that’s just what I’ll do. I’m going to hide under his wings for a moment and rest and be renewed. I’m going to soak up His unfailing love as much as I can so that I can pour my love out to others around me. Today, the devil is going to have to deal with my Father, whom I’ll be hiding behind, until tomorrow when I can stand firm against him with a renewed mind!

I’m thankful that I can take a day off from time to time and hide under my Father’s wings to get strength back!


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2 responses to “30 Days of Thanksgiving:Day 7

  • Stephanie

    Abi! Sharing your heart above has in return encouraged me today. I have been feeling blah lately, and completely overwhelmed with I don’t even know what! Maybe the stress of the holidays fast approaching – /preparing/cleaning my house/ working on home projects that I have been putting off for forever/mr. Michael has been teething and so fussy which makes it hard to get anything done. I can go on and on.
    Vince and I had to bring it back in just last night and remember that what’s important is who’s in the house, not the house or the stuff that I seem to get so hung up on. I had to take a step back and really think about that. If I died tomorrow would getting the laundry done, emptying the dishwasher, or making my photo books really matter! (Well, maybe the photo books :) )I do not want my family to remember me as the nagging-can’t-relax-crazy-lady that I have become! Help me Jesus!

    All that to say I need to be better at remembering to lean and rest on our great God and focusing on what’s really important! Now more than ever :)

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your beautiful family!

  • Yeve Eeffoc

    I absolutely love the visual of hiding under His wing to get strength back!


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