Happy 1st Birthday, Chloe Bear!

Chloe Bear digging into her 1st birthday cake

A year ago today (after many complications and much prayers), God placed our sweet baby girl into our arms and put us in charge to raise her in His way. We are forever thankful for His grace and we named our little miracle, Chloe Eunhae (meaning “grace”). I see God’s face everyday in my precious girl’s smiles and her sweetness and once again I know that God is love….
I lift up Chloe bear higher today than yesterday and remind myself that she is God’s before she is mine and that God has got her covered with His wonderful promises and plans for her life. How did I get to be so blessed to witness His work in our little Chloe bear?!
Happy Birthday, my sweet beloved! I can’t wait to teach you about your heavenly Father and how much He loves you, sweet girl. And I sing for joy for all the days that we get to unfold God’s grace together. Like your Daddy always says, Jesus loves you the most but we are close second




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