You are 9 months old!

My dearest Chloe….

I love you so much. When Mommy was pregnant with you, I did worry about whether I would love you as much as I love your big sister. You see, Bella is Mommy’s first child and there’s nothing like having a child of your own for the very first time. Everything was new and Bella meant the world to Mommy. I hope and pray that one day, both you and Bella get to experience a wonderful and marvelous miracle of motherhood like I did (not for a long long time though *^^*) and only then you will understand what I’m talking about. Anyway, all that worry about loving you enough went away when I saw you for the first time. You were the cutest baby, just like your big sister, and I loved you so much it hurt.

Your smiles brightens the room like no other. You smile as if your body can’t contain all the excitement you feel inside and explodes in your face. I just love it. They are contagious too. I remember having a bit of tough time physically and emotionally soon after you were born but one smile from you once in a while made it all worth it.

You are now 9 months old. Time does fly and I can’t believe that you are already standing up by yourself and crawls everywhere and so quickly. Because of you, I do clean and vacuum the floor more often so that you have a clean floor to crawl on to. However, you are such a great “mop” and it would be a great idea to attach a real mop on your tummy so that you can just clean as you crawl. :-) Why waste all that energy when you can be useful, right? :-)

At your 9 month check-up, you weighted 5 lbs 14 oz and measured at 27 inches long. You were in between 25 and 50 percentile in your growth in both weight and height. Soon after your 9 month check-up, you got very sick with a stomach virus, which later spread to the entire family. But after 10 days later, we all seem fine and you are back to your usual self: happy and loud!

You love un-ni (older sister). Everytime Bella says or does anything, you giggle and laugh at her loudly. Your eyes follow her everywhere all the time and you two love playing together in un-ni’s room. I just love watching you two play together and I pray that you two will remain as best friends for the rest of your lives. Also, you are a big time Daddy’s girl. It’s all about Daddy 24/7. Sometimes I’d be holding you in my arms but as soon as Daddy walks into the room, you reach both of your arms to him, wanting to be held by him. It is indeed very sweet and I only get jealous once in a while, just a bit. *^^*

God has blessed me so much with you and you are indeed a proof of God’s grace. I love you, my darling, and Jesus loves you, too.

Love always,



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