52 ABC Projects: No. 9 {Painting Hyacinth}

Ever since I tried to spend more time with Bella “intentionally,” I see how excited she gets when I say, “it’s time to do a craft time!” Her eyes sparkle and sometimes she jumps up and down. Oh, the joy….

Today, we decided to use celery to paint hyacinth. I noticed how kids think differently because Bella was not happy with stamped images of celery unless they were COVERED with so much paint that you can’t even tell what they are! :-) At the end, as usual, she painted everything with her fingers and brushes and covered the whole paper with so much paint. It’s hard for me to handle sometimes since I’m a total perfectionist, control freak and has a self-diagnosed OCD. But with God’s help and will-power, I was able to just let it happen. *^^* And you know what? Bella had fun and that’s all it matters!

H is for Hyacinth and my OCD improves little by little everyday! Thank you, Jesus!

H is for Hyacinth!


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