52 ABC Projects: No. 6 {On Becoming Babywise}

We love our Chloe bear so much and she is, like her big sister, a sweet and adorable girl of God.

Bath time is always fun w/ Chloe!

We have raised our 4-year old fun-loving daughter Bella so this is not something new. But sometimes you forget or sometimes you take things for granted. I’ve read all kinds of books about raising children and parenting with Bella simply because I didn’t know. With Chloe, I figured I’d remember all the things from Bella or that I would just…well, know what to do now. False! :-( I have forgotten many many things plus this time, I was lazy and tired. So even though Chloe is over 6 months old, we were getting up so many times at night to comfort her, nurse her, rock her and do anything and everything to put her back to sleep. We’re all sleep-deprived, cranky, unhappy and simply exhausted. I had to do something….

That’s when I came across the book On Becoming Babywise by Ezzo and Bucknam, which I used when I first had Bella. As I was reading the book in desperation, I remembered the things I have done with Bella and how helpful the book was to me then. So I put into action right away and Chloe was put on “Babywise method” from feeding to nap & sleep schedule. And on day 2, things are so different and Chloe bear is so much happier and rested! Thank you, Lord!!! The world is a much better place now that we’re getting some much-needed sleep and morning is much more pleasant to face. Although we have a long way to go until she can completely sleep through the night, I’ll take those little improvement any day because I know this time will pass.

A happy princess on the morning of day 2 of On Becoming Babywise

Did I mention we love our baby Chloe bear so much? Well, we do! :-)

Starbucks Me Likee~ :-)


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