52 ABC Projects: No. 5 {Apple+Paint=Work of Art}

I love Pinterest and get so many great ideas about almost everything from there. Bella has seen my Pinterest Boards about different projects we can do together and she picks certain projects from time to time. Yes, obviously she has lots of opinion (being as my daughter! *^^*) as to what we should do and one day, she thought apple painting would be fun to do. On Pinterest, they did it on a cloth bag to decorate the bag but we did it on the paper and it came out just fine. Now, how it looks below is very different from the actual finished art because Bella decided to just run apple all over the paper and it just looks like a hot mess of paint at the end. What did you expect from a 4-year old, right? :-) But no matter. We had so much fun!!

Bella having fun w/ apple painting

Bella is the funniest, cutest and most adorable 4-year old girl I know. I just love her spirit and loving heart. She says random funniest things and is full of energy all the time! I just love her so much and am so blessed to have her as my first daughter….

Bella, trying out a scooter! :-)

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