52 ABC Projects: No. 1 {Money Jars}

Bella's Money Jars

My hubby and I have been talking about giving Bella an allowance for sometime now that she is a 4-years-old “BIG” girl and we finally did it starting last week. We sat down with Bella and talked about four money jars I made for her and what she can do with each jar. I’m not sure if she completely gets it but I think she got the basic idea.

Yesterday, I took her with me to a local dollar store to purchase few things I needed and told her that she could use her money from the SPEND jar to buy something for her if she’d like. She was VERY excited with her all $1.40 and couldn’t wait to pick something out. So what did she buy? Well, she wanted to buy something for her Daddy, even though I told her multiple times that she can get something for herself! I was so touched and proud of my little girl. She ended up buying Cars 2 crayons for Daddy and gave it to him that night. As you can imagine, Daddy was very much moved by his little princess.

Motherhood (or parenthood for that matter) is not easy. In fact, it’s extremely difficult if you ask me; not only because of all the things I am to do as Mom for my children but also because of inadequacy I feel everyday(it’s ridiculous to think that I’m in charge of two little lives!). But those are the moments that make it totally worth it and I’m grateful once again for the blessing of being Mom.


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