25 Days Till Christmas {Day 23 & 24}

Day 23 Activity: Write thank-you cards to Jesus!

Our family spent this morning writing and decorating our thank-you cards to Jesus. There’re so many things we were thankful for and God’s love, grace, blessing and mercy filled our hearts. Bella thanked Jesus for Mommy, Daddy & Chloe of course and she expressed all her thanks with lots and lots of glue and stickers. :-)

Our family thank-you card for Jesus

Day 24 Activity: Cookies for Santa!

We made yummy chocolate nutty crackers (Mommy’s Christmas specialty) upon Santa’s special request (wink, wink *^^*). Bella said she hopes that Santa leave some for her in the morning, which I thought it was so cute. :-) Of course, Santa ate them all and all there was left on a plate the next morning was a thank-you card! :-) And yes, we had lots more in the refrigerator for Bella. :-) We never really made a big deal out of Santa so I wonder what Bella thinks of all this… *^^*

Yummy crakers for Santa!

Bella @ Christmas eve service

Chloe...the night before Christmas :-)

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