25 Days Till Christmas {Day 19, 20, 21 & 22}

Day 19 Activity: S’mores!

Our family went over to our friend’s house to have dinner together and make s’mores on a fireplace. Bella has been excited about s’mores for a while ever since I bought marshmallows few days ago so this was a big treat for her. She was VERY careful so it took a while for her to melt the marshmallow but she loved and ended up eating two big ones!

S'mores + Fireplace + Friends = Good Time! :-)

Day 20 Activity: Christmas shopping!

We went shopping for Christmas! Enough said…. :-)

Day 21 Activity: Fireworks! Roman candles

I remembered Bella having so much fun with roman candle fireworks at Nana Do’s last year so I decided to get some for her this year. I was told that it’ll be hard to find them at this time of the year so I ordered bunch of them online paying very expensive shipping cost only to find out later that our local grocery store was selling them 50% off! :-( Anyway, we have lots of them now and Bella loved them!

Bella playing w/ roman candle fireworks

Day 22 Activity: Quiet time…

It’s been crazy with all the holiday activities, events, and prep works and on day 22, we are just chillin’ with the family….

Chloe wrapped a big Christmas gift for Daddy! :-)


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