25 Days Till Christmas {Day 13 & 14}

Day 13 Activity: Wrap Christmas gifts.

Bella and Mommy had so much fun picking out Christmas gifts for her classmates and teachers. It’s true what they say; it really is more fun and rewarding to give than to receive! I hope Bella grows up to be a giver and find more joy and happiness in giving than receiving.

Bella helped Mommy wrapping all together about 16 gifts (and that is a lot for her tiny hands!!) with cutting wrapping papers, taping, finding perfect bows and ribbons and signing all the cards! She also wrote a long message in the cards for her two teachers, which I was very impressed about! By the time we finished everything, it’s after 9pm! Obviously we had too much fun and lost track of time. :-) Who knew wrapping gifts could be this fun?!

Bella signing all the cards with her tiny hand...precious!

Day 14 Activity: Deliver gifts to Bella’s teachers and friends.

The next day, Bella and I visited her school and delivered all her gifts. She also visited her previous year teacher, Mrs. Roth, and delivered her card and a gift. Mrs. Roth wasn’t expecting so it was a wonderful surprise for her, which made Bella very happy. *^^*

Joyful giving!



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One response to “25 Days Till Christmas {Day 13 & 14}


    Your daily story always makes me happy. I am not a mother but now I can feel a little mother’s saying that “I am full just by looking you eating.”

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