25 Days Till Christmas {Day 11 & 12}

Day 11 Activity: Read a story about the birth of baby Jesus.

It literally melt my heart watching Bella holding Chloe while listening to Daddy, reading the story of Birth of our savior, Jesus Christ. This truly is what it’s all about and what we, as parents, are to do on earth for our children…raise them up to be godly and holy children of God and point and lead them to God until they can stand firm on their own. in faith.

Daddy reading Christmas story to Bella & Chloe. So cute!

The “problem” was we read it quite late at night and after the story, Bella kept wanting to read more! How do you say no to reading the Bible, right? :-) But Daddy somehow managed to distract her and carried(pic. below) her to bed. :-)

Daddy carrying (?) Bella to her bed for the night. :-)

Day 12 Activity: Pray as a family, giving thanks and praising our God!

We’re so blessed and we have so much to be thankful for this year! We took turns and said what we are thankful for and my two girls were on the top of my list, especially baby Chloe this year due to high-risk and complicated pregnancy. She, just like Bella, is indeed a miracle and the evidence of God’s grace and I can’t believe God loves us so much that he gave us not only his only begotten son but my two precious girls! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Even Chloe said that she’s thankful for our family though her voice sounded a lot like Mommy. :-) Daddy included our health and financial blessings as well. As for Bella, below is what she said. :-) Gotta love her! *^^*

When asked what she's thankful for, Bella said...



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