25 Days Till Christmas {Day 9}

Day 9 Activity: Go to SeaWorld and enjoy Christmas shows & decorations!

Bella LOVES SeaWorld so it was a no brainer to include an activity that involves SeaWorld and its lovely Christmas decorations. The weather was so perfect, the Christmas decorations were lovely and Bella’s little friend’s family got to join us, which made it even better and enjoyable! The best parts were staying untill 11pm (that is VERY late for our family to be out!) in order to see ice skating show that Bella couldn’t stop talking about and the fireworks at the end of the show that was too loud for our little girls, especially for our 3-month old princess.

THE Ice Skating show that we all had to stay late for. :-)

By the time we got home and went to bed, which was about 1am the next day, we were totally exhausted and barely made it to bed. However, it was so worth watching our little girl’s face lightening up and just being so happy! I was once again so grateful for all the blessings we had from God….

Bella with pearl lady(?) *^^*


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