25 Days Till Christmas {Day 7 & 8}

Day 7 Activity: Deliver Christmas treats to our neighbors.

It was so cute to watch Bella delivering cookies to our neighbors! Apparently Bella felt all grown-up and wanted to do it by herself so Daddy had to wait in the front yard while she rang the doorbell and delivered the cookies. :-) Of course, when Bella was done delivering, she was rewarded with a cookie for herself and we all had to pay for the affect of sugar on kids that night! :-)

Day 8 Activity: Sing Christmas carol.

This sort of became our daily activity since Bella is practicing many Christmas songs for school and church Christmas performances. Every time we get in the car, she asks for “her songs” which means I have to play her Christmas songs over and over and over again. :-) I love how she sings “Jingles Bells” instead of “Jingle Bells~” So cute!



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