25 Days Till Christmas {Day 5 & 6}

Day 5 Activity: Buy a new Christmas album and listen to it.

I thought it would be fun to have Bella pick out her first Christmas album to listen to. Together we visited local Family Christian Store and of course, she picked out something so….kid-like! :-) Plus, this will go so well with her VeggieTales Nativity Set! (see below for pic.) that Daddy just loves! :-) Yes, I’m being sarcastic since the nativity set comes with a rather “annoying” Christmas song that Bella plays over and over again. *^^* Nevertheless, I hope this album is one of her many Christmas album collection for years to come!

Day 6 Activity: Sing Christmas carol.

Our day was full of activities yesterday (Bella’s school, Mommy’s Bible study, Daddy’s HOA meeting, Bella’s rehearsal for the annual ladies Christmas dinner, etc.) so the advent calendar activity I chose was something rather low-key. In fact, we didn’t even get to sing together as a whole family (Daddy was still at work). :-( Times like this make me think what is really important and how our life is crazy sometimes that we can’t even find time to sing together…. I’m hoping to make it up by singing some Christmas carol tonight while we’re doing the activity for today.

One response to “25 Days Till Christmas {Day 5 & 6}

  • mary

    The busyiness of our Christmas season makes it really hard to hang on to the true meaning at times. I’m glad that you and Bella are doing this. I like the little nativity. I have a Veggie Tales nativity but it is different….older, less people. I’m sure she will enjoy the music very much. Music always seems such a great part of Christmas. Must have been the heavenly choirs that inspire our love for music!

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