25 Days Till Christmas {Day 4}

Day 4 Activity: Adopt or sponsor a family in need for Christmas.

Today, we talked to Bella about how some families can’t afford to have a nice Christmas like we do and how wonderful it would be for us to help a family by sponsoring them to provide a holiday food basket and few presents for the children. Bella sat on my lap while we looked online through Z88.3FM website, which directed us to Christian Help Christmas Adoption Program. Bella and I typed together the amount of money we decided to donate to sponsor a family this year and when I asked Bella why we’re doing that, she answered “umm…I don’t know….so that they can have a nice Christmas meal!” :-)

It was such a small act of kindness from our part but I’m glad Bella and I had a chance to do it together and talk about blessings, sharing and helping. I hope we can do more than just donating money next year….


One response to “25 Days Till Christmas {Day 4}

  • mary

    She’ll learn from your example. I was thrilled this year when my daughter told me she still gives to Toys for Tots because she remembered us doing it every year. Something did sink in over the years! Yeah!

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