25 Days Till Christmas {Day 2}

Our Advent Calendar 2011

This year, we are counting 25 days till Christmas as a family with our advent calendar filled with daily activities. I thought this would be so cute and fun to do with Bella now that she is 4 years old and all grown-up! :-) I’m not a creative or crafty person and it was too late for me to make one (yes, we missed 1st day of December…) so I just picked one up from the store instead of getting stress over making one, which I would soooooooo do normally! I did come up with all the daily activities and put them all in the pockets though. I thought I’d post what we’re doing daily in my blog in the month December for me to remember the true meaning of Christmas….and yes, that it our Savior, Jesus Christ! *^^*

Day 2 Activity: Tell one thing we like about our family members and our God

It was so much fun to cuddle with Bella in my chair (yes, Chloe Bear joined us in her sleep as usual! *^^*) and discuss what we like about each other. Daddy, Mommy and Bella took turns describing what we like about each other and there were tears (mostly from Daddy as you can imagine *^^*), giggles and laughter. It made me think that we should do this more often…telling each other how much we love each other and the things we like about each other….

Bella said she likes Chloe when she cries and how she stops crying as if nothing happened when we pick her up, which I thought was very cute for Bella to bring it up. One thing she likes about Mommy was that I do little things or coming up with cute activities for the family to do (she said many other things as well that I couldn’t quite catch but that’s pretty much what I got out of from Daddy’s summarization *^^*). And one thing she likes about Daddy was….well….she just loves him (by this point, she was a bit distracted *^^*). Regarding God, Bella said many words like savior and love and how God loves us so much. I think she got the point. :-)

I love my family and I’m so blessed. I pray that I can bring glory to God that He so deserves with all the blessings that have been given to me.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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