To Bella, With Love, Mommy

My sweet, sweet girl, Bella…

Mommy loves you…more than you’ll ever know, my darling.

The most beautiful smile ever!

Mommy learned so much about love through you and I’m so grateful to God for trusting Mommy and Daddy enough to give us the biggest and the most precious responsibility in this world…you. Know that we love you so very much and you are our “first love.”

Today, your little sister is arriving after our long wait and we can’t wait to finally meet her, face to face. You have been so sweet and so precious for the past almost nine months and we know that you will be the best big sister ever! Mommy’s heart is full of love for both of you and I can’t wait to watch you two grow up together. I just hope that God helps me to be the best Mommy I can be to you girls.

Mommy is very excited to see your sister but I’m also very sad to be apart from you for a few nights. Daddy reminded me of course that I’ll see you everyday at the hospital and we’ll spend lots of time together but just the thought of not sleeping in the same house makes Mommy very sad. :-( Daddy laughed last night saying we’ll never get to go on a cruise or on a vacation without you and your sister and I must say, he is right. :-) But you’ll have so much fun with nana Do and aunt Mary so I’m not worried (just don’t have too much fun without Mommy! *^^*).

You woke up very happy this morning and eating a plum for breakfast. Of course, you are cuter this morning than any other mornings (though I don’t think that’s possible) and I love you more this morning and than any other mornings (again, I don’t think that’s possible cuz there’s no way I could love you “more”).

Mommy can’t wait for our life of family of four to begin soon and I know you will be my big help! I love you, my baby girl, and Jesus loves you more!

With Love,


Being so cute with Daddy & Mady the doll


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