Nursery is ready for our #2 Princess!

It’s finally done! I can’t believe how long it took us to finish this room but between my gestating and bed-resting, it came out alright. Much thanks to my wonderful husband who single-handedly finished the room under his wife’s strict instructions and that’s without much complaining! Thank you, honey, you are the best!!

I pray that our little princess No. 2 will have many wonderful and beautiful memories in this room and grow up to be an amazing godly woman after God’s own heart.

Thank you, God, for your yet another blessing that we definitely don’t deserve and we promise to do our best with this huge but beautiful responsibility you’ve given us…

One response to “Nursery is ready for our #2 Princess!


    WOw~! How wonderful room she has!
    You are the lucky to have No.2 princess and she also lucky to have wonderful parent!
    I want to see your girl soon~!

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