Tiny Talk Tuesday

These are the Tiny Talks of my almost 4-year-old “big” girl, Bella.  For more Tiny Talks, head over to Mary’s at Not Before 7 


Bella was playing with her toy phone when I asked her to come and see Mommy.

Bella: “Hold on, Mommy, I’m texting right now.”


I told Bella how cute she was one evening during her bath time and then we went to list all the people we think that are cute.

Bella: Mommy is cute. Baby Chloe (who is not born yet) is cute.

Mommy: Who else is cute? Is Daddy cute?.

Bella: No!! Daddy is not cute!! He is brave!

I’m sure Daddy will take “brave” over “cute” any day. *^^*


Daddy was getting something out of fridge and Bella

Daddy: Wait, wait, hold your horses, Bella.

Bella: I’m not a horse!


Few things Bella has been saying lately…

Bella: (after first few days of school….)”Attack!!! Attack!!!”

I’m thinking lots of boys in her class might have something to do with that. :-)


Mommy: “You have no school tomorrow, Bella. You and Mommy can hang out!”

Bella: “Oh, no! But I miss school!!!!”

I don’t feel left out at all, child! *^^*


Bella: (While watching her Dora the Explorer show on TV) “Mommy, say Vaminos!”

Great. Now, she’s teaching me Spanish on top of making fun of my English! :-)


In the car one day, Bella says Daddy is amazing for something he did and then she goes on to say…

Bella: I’m amazing! I’m fantastic! And I’m funny and pregnant!

Daddy: No, you are not!!!!!!!!!!! Mommy is pregnant!

A few minutes later, Bella says…

Bella: “Mommy is preggie~ Mommy is preggie~ Mommy is piggie!”

Daddy:Oh, careful with what you say, Bella.”

Mommy: (trying to defend my little girl with her word mix-up) “I think she means to say, ‘Mommy is preggie’ not ‘piggie.'”

Bella:Oink, oink. Mommy is piggie! ha ha ha ha ha”

Oh, she’s in so much trouble! :-)


Bella’s been feeling and seeing baby Chloe wiggling in Mommy’s pregnant belly lately. Last night during dinner, Bella points at her full tummy from dinner and says,

Bella:Look Daddy! My baby in my tummy is moving!”


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