Tiny Talk Tuesday

These are the Tiny Talks of my almost 4-year-old “big” girl, Bella.  For more Tiny Talks, head over to Mary’s at Not Before 7 


Bella comes into my bathroom while I’m flossing…

Bella: “(after observing my flossing for a bit) What are you doing, Mommy? Are you making music?”

Uh…I got nothing for that one, little one. :-)


Snuggling next to me on my bed before her night night time, Bella looks at my full belly…

Bella: Is my baby sister kicking you again, Mommy?

Mommy: No, not right now.

Bella: Oh…my baby Silvermist in my tummy is kicking me. She’s hungry!

I wonder when she’s going to realize that she doesn’t have a baby in her tummy… *^^*


While taking a shower together with Mommy…

Bella:Wow! Your belly is so big, Mommy!”

Mommy: “Oh, is it? Thanks, Bella”

Bella: “Yes, it’s because you ate so many eggs!”

Good thing I’m “not” self-conscious at all, child! :-)


We’re singing head shoulders knees and toes song one day several times in different speeds. And then I said,

Mommy: “Now, let’s sing it in Korean!”

Bella: “Ni-hao!”

Hmm…at least you spoke another Asian language. :-)


Poor thing has a cold again and I mentioned that she might have to do a nebulizer treatment for her wheezing before she goes to bed. After her nice bath, she says to Daddy

Bella: “Mommy, I want appetizer!”

Daddy: “???”

Stinkin’ adorable! :-)


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