Word of the Month: August {Expecting}

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: to look forward to the probable occurrence or appearance of
: to look forward to the birth of one’s child
: to consider due
Oh, yes, I’m so looking forward to the birth of our No. 2 princess! :-)
I’m on 34th week of my pregnancy and it’s becoming more and more real every day! The talk of sleepless nights and nighttime feedings are common topics of my husband and I these days and we are reminiscing the old days with our firstborn and all the crazy but beautiful changes in our lives that occurred about 4 years ago. Those were the days and now we are going to go through them all over again plus almost 4-year-old princess to take care of! How fun is my life going to be?! :-)
At our last doctor’s visit, we were given a tentative date for delivery and although it needs to be confirmed, we are looking at Sept. 6th as of now. I can’t believe it’s only about 4 weeks away till we meet our little princess face to face! Of course, things are not ready (at least in my head…if you ask Daddy, we are totally ready for this baby in terms of “things and stuff”) but at this point where I’m spending most of my days “bed resting,” I sort of decided that it’ll do FOR NOW. And believe me, that’s not easy thing for me to say at all!
With this child, my husband and I are expecting more responsibility, more expense, less sleep, less time for ourselves, more effort to be put into our marriage, etc. However, those things are nothing compared to all the wonderful things that come along with her; more joy, more laughter, more cuteness, more blessing, more tears (of joy), more love, more kisses & hugs, more love, etc.
Thank you, God….

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