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{10 favorite memory photos}

I’m walking down the memory lane today… There are too many photos so I’m just going to pick only few of them from year 2006-2008. It’s so much fun to look at old photos!

1. The first picture I got of my adopted sister from China in 2006. She was only 5 years old back then!

Merri Jones, Aug. 2006

2. When we were young & free (w/o kids, that is!)

New York, Nov. 2006

New York, Nov. 2006

3. One big(?) happy family

Enjoying SeaWorld w/ family Nov. 2006

4. Chicago…muder mystery dinner party. What were we thinking dressing up like that?! :-)

Dec. 2006

5. Beautiful, quiet life…

Beach with my little sister, Apr. 2007

6. And then, there comes the baby…Bam!

32 wks pregnant, Oct. 2007

I mean seriously cute! *^^*

Still cute even when she cries! Dec. 2007

7. Our first Christmas together with sweet Bella Bean.

Mommy & Bella

Bella & her sleep deprived folks...

The best Christmas gift ever! Dec. 2007

8. Few of my favorite pictures of my man & my girl…

Daddy & Bella moment, Feb. 2008

Daddy teaching Bella "tricks"

B always got smiles for Daddy

9. Bella & food stories? *^^*

Bella's Spoon trick!

Mac & Cheese, anyone? :-)

Busted! Bella found a candy jar...

10. Bella in her Korean dress & Easter outfit? :-)

Nov. 2008

Bella Princess (1 yr. old)


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