Tiny Talk Tuesday

These are the Tiny Talks of my 3 1/2-year-old “big” girl, Bella.  For more Tiny Talks, head over to Mary’s at Not Before 7 


We promised Bella a long time ago that she can have gum when she turns 4, which seemed quite far away then. She’s apparently very excited about the prospect of having a gum on her birthday and can’t stop talking about it. When she meets people who ask her how old she is, she answers:

Bella: I’m three. And when I’m four, I can have gum!!! (jumping up and down!)

Also, she randomly checks the status of gum stock at our house by asking,

Bella: Mommy, do we still have gum left?

Her birthday is not until November! Hey, at least her birthday present this year will be cheap….a pack of gums! :-)

Bella loves being thrown high in the pool! *^^*


In the bath with all of  her princess Barbie dolls….

Bella: Reach and pull, kick kick kick, Ariel! Big breath and blow bubbles. (holding her in her arms) Don’t be scared, I won’t let you go. You are safe.

Obviously this swimming lesson is paying off?


One morning, sleeping Bella missed seeing Daddy off.

Bella: Where’s Daddy?

Mommy: He went to work, honey.

Bella: When I get bigger, I’m going to go to work!

Not to worry, baby. Your time will come before you know it!


Mommy: Time to eat lunch, Bella

Bella: Shhh….I’m putting my bear to bed for her nap.

I think somebody is ready to be a Mommy? :-)

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