Word of the Month: July {Prioritize}

If you are new to the Word of the Month and wants to join in, welcome and read THIS for more info.


: to arrange or deal with in order of importance
: to organize or deal with something according to its priority
Sometimes I feel like my life is just simply a chaos. Too many things to be done and simply not enough time to do them. Our daughter is growing so fast and I can hardly keep up with her. For me (and Bella) summer means no school, which is translated into “Mommy should come up with things and activities for Bella to do.” The baby No. 2 is coming soon and there will be more chaos when she arrives, so I need to take advantage of “quite” time right now and get things done. My husband still needs his wife and I’m it. The house, well, sadly doesn’t run by itself (what’s up with that?!!) and I won’t even bother to talk about cleaning. And all this is without the things I want to have done as well as some “me-time.” Wow, I’m exhausted just talking about it.

I’m always in a rush to do things because there are simply too many things to be done. However, I realized that they are all in my head! I keep asking myself, ‘why do I even have to do them in the first place?’If I die tomorrow and go home to Jesus, would they matter?’ The truth is NOBODY cares and neither will I if I were to die tomorrow! So I guess, it all comes down to my “controlling” issue and like always, I need to work on surrendering everything to God and prioritizing things in my life IN ORDER OF IMPORTANCE so that I don’t drive myself or others around me crazy! This most likely means “changed priorities” for me and I’m a bit nervous…

Both fortunately and unfortunately, it’s clearly written in the Bible.

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Matthew 6:33

In other words, God first and everything else next. Simple as that. Of course, God had to make it so clear that I don’t miss it or can’t pretend I didn’t see it! God, you know me too well! :-)

So, I suppose I’ll work on prioritizing my life this month of July. Yes, I have tried it before and yes, I have failed numerous times before. But clearly, I’m not perfect and there’s nothing else for me to do but keep trying. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get there someday! (*note to Hubby: I suggest that you don’t get too excited about this. Don’t expect a quick change from me plus all the honey-to-do list I give you are non-negotiable so don’t even try! *^^*)



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