10 Things Thursday {4th of July Edition}

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{10 things to make this 4th of July more fun and meaningful!}

I’m from Korea originally and my husband, an American citizen, was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. Needless to say, we are not the most patriotic people you’d ever meet. Honestly, I’m not particularly patriotic towards my own home country. Nothing against Korea but that’s just how I am. There’s no doubt that our children will be confused in terms of their nationality (he he he). My American Dad, on the other hand, is a very patriotic man. He was a Ranger and served during Korean war and he loves American history and what this nation stands for. I love and admire his passion and I wish I could be more like him.

Unfortunately, the 4th of July was never a big deal in our family and we hardly do much (yes, we do BBQ with friends sometimes but that’s pretty much it). However, I must say that I’m VERY proud of this country and I cry over American soldiers all the time! This 4th of July, we’re going to visit Pops (my American Dad) and spend some time at the beach as well. I’m hoping to make this 4th of July a fun and meaningful holiday for Bella and maybe I’ll teach her (or have my hubby teach her…after all, he is indeed a legal American! *^^*) a thing or two about what it means to be an American!

1. Praise God for this wonderful country and the freedom we enjoy. Pray for all the soldiers (both past and present) for their safety and protection. Be thankful.

2. Fireworks! Need I say more? :-)

3. Hang an American flag! If you don’t own one (like yours truly!), maybe it’s time to get one?

4. Make some 4th of July crafts with your little or big ones.

Independence Day Garland

5. Introduce your favorite American hero from the history to your children.

6. Plant colorful flowers that are white, red and blue!

Temporary Transplant

7. Buy a snow cone maker and make some with white, red & blue syrup just because. :-) They are a huge hit with little ones! I’m totally getting one for Bella….and me, of course!! :-)

8. Bake cupcakes, cookies or cakes in star designs. Yum & pretty!

pound cake with berries

9. Attend local July 4th events. There are too many to count!

10. Shop and take advantage of the 4th of July Sales! ^~* Sorry, I can’t help it! :-)


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