Tiny Talk Tuesday

These are the Tiny Talks of my 3 1/2-year-old “big” girl, Bella.  For more Tiny Talks, head over to Mary’s at Not Before 7 


I was reading a book to Bella that talks about being happy, sad, mad, etc.

Mommy: What makes you happy, Bella?

Bella: Donuts!

Mommy: (laughing) Ok…what makes you sad?

Bella: Eggs! (knows she’s being silly!)

Mommy: (???) What makes you mad?

Bella: Mommy!

Hmm….. :-)

My Little Mermaid @ her first swim lesson


Bella heard a thunder outside…

Bella: Mommy, did you hear that? It’s a flounder!


After reading what I thought an “odd” book that we checked out from the library to Bella,

Mommy: Hmm…I didn’t really care for that book.

Bella: It’s ok (sighs). We can just return it to the library if you don’t like it.

Mommy: Oh, ok.

Who’s the mother and who’s the child here?


Bella loves putting stickers on her baby sister (a.k.a. my pregnant belly) these days and she checks on them from time to time to make sure they are still there. We’re at her friend’s house one morning…

Bella: Let me show you the stickers on my baby sister! (suddenly lifts my shirt all the way up to reveal my belly in front of LOTS of people)

I guess I need to have a talk about what’s appropriate and what’s not? :-)

2 responses to “Tiny Talk Tuesday

  • LifeAtTheCIrcus

    She is so cute! And congrats on the baby to come!! Been a long time since I’ve been over here, I guess. :-)

    When I was pregnant with my 4th, my almost 3 yr old would also lift my shirt or dress to “talk to the baby”. Once we were at church and someone said something about the baby so she just walks over, while I am in the middle of talking to a group of adults (male and female) and lifts my dress to say, “The baby is in there.” thankyouverymuch!

    • Abi

      Ha ha! I’ll have to make sure that I “guard” my belly and keep my dress/shirt from being lifted up in public from my little one. :-)

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