Bed for a Dime!

My dear sweet, sweet Bella…

I love you so much and you are getting cuter and more adorable everyday. You are so much taller and bigger than before and I just love how sweeter you get as you get older. You are very loving, kind and considerate child and I just love being a Mommy to such a sweet girl. God blessed Mommy so much with you, my little pumpkin.

Watching the turtles eat breakfast @ the Science Center

Yesterday morning, you and I took a trip to a local furniture store to purchase your big girl’s bed, now that you are getting so much bigger for your toddler bed. Also, we want this time of getting ready for your baby sister to be a special time for you as well so that you know we love you as much as we love your baby sister. So while we paint and decorate your baby sister’s bed, we wanted to upgrade your room as well so that you’ll be special and loved. On the way to the store, we had a cute conversation.

Mommy: Are you excited to get a big girl’s bed?

Bella: Yeah!!! Are you getting a bed for you, too?

Mommy: No, honey. Just for you. Mommy and Daddy already have a bed.

Bella: We should buy one for you, too, so that you can sleep.

Mommy: (smiling) How sweet of you! Well, do you have money to buy it for Mommy?

Bella: (silent for a while…) Yes, I have money!! (You pull out a dime from the cup holder in your car seat) See? I have money! We can buy a bed for Mommy, yeah!!!

I laughed so much and I thought that was just so cute and thoughtful. When we got to the furniture store, you had so much fun bouncing from one chair to another and running around the store is if it’s your playground. We decided on your bed and while I was talking to a sales lady, you tapped on Mommy’s leg and said, “Mommy, I have something to tell her.” When the sales lady got down on her knees, you handed her your dime that you’ve been holding in your hand for a while to buy Mommy a bed. Mommy almost cried. The sales lady thought you were so sweet and I told her that I hope my bed cost only a dime! :-) Well, she handed your dime back and said you can keep it and she’ll still give you a bed since you’re so sweet. (Only things work like that in real world! *^^*)

You are very sweet like that all the time, baby girl. You often ask Mommy if I had a good nap, how was my Bible study, or how’s my headache. I just love how considerate and thoughtful you are and I hope you remain that way for the rest of your life. I bet Jesus looks down on you and smile all the time because you make Him very happy. You make me smile all the time and you are the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen, both inside and out.

I can’t wait to watch you grow up to be a wonderful big sister to your baby sister, who will soon join our family. You already talk about her all the time as if she’s already here! I can’t wait to see you holding her in your lap for the first time this summer and giving her lots of kisses, which I’m sure you’ll do!

I love you and you are so loved. Never forget that, sweetheart.

With so much love,


One response to “Bed for a Dime!

  • Hubby

    How cute are my lovely ladies. Daddy is very lucky to have all soon-to-be-three of you in my life. Only thing I noticed is that no one bought a bed for daddy? What gives? :-)

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