Keep Your Hands To Yourself!

Dont Touch the belly! Shirt
My sentiments exactly! *^^*

It is such a joyful thing to be pregnant and get surrounded by people who are simply happy for you and the new life. I think it’s quite an endearing scene and I love all the prayers, concerns, thoughful words and care from people….until that “hand” reach out to my belly as if it is some kind of public property. Yes, people do have good intentions and I appreciate them all but this is what I have to say.

I don’t like to be touched. Period. So if you are not my husband, daughter, family members or close girl friends, I highly recommend that you don’t come near or rub my pregnant belly UNLESS you want to lose your hand. Keep your hands to yourself and just be happy for me. And I mean that in most loving and caring way. :-)

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One response to “Keep Your Hands To Yourself!

  • ellenvvmiller

    I am so rubbing your belly! Don’t care if you like it or not. I see that lovely pregnant tummy and it just makes me want to reach out my hand and… actually, I just want to put my cheek up to it, rest there and see what that sweet princess inside will do… :)

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