#74 The French Women Don’t Get Fat Cookbook

In this, the logical next step for the author of 2004’s bestseller French Women Don’t Get Fat, Guiliano stretches what amounts to a single weight loss
tactic-don’t eat so much-into a second book-length weight-loss guide, this time with recipes. Though they’re meant to be nourishing and satisfying in small
portions, Guiliano’s recipes are devoid of nutritional information and, in many cases, descriptions of the finished dishes. Unremarkable but perfectly
acceptable recipes abound, including sweet potato french fries, Spaghetti Carbonara, Ratatouille, chocolate mousse, and panna cotta, with occasional
standouts like Eric Ripert’s luxurious Croque Monsieur, incorporating brioche, caviar, smoked salmon and Jarlsberg cheese. In all, Guiliano seems more
concerned with luxe details (tips on opening and preserving champagne, though salient, set the tone), and never misses an opportunity to talk up her
jet-setting lifestyle and TV appearances; as such, her self-regarding commentary is as likely to irritate as to inspire. Somewhat ironically, Guiliano’s best
advice comes in a tacked-on chapter inspired by the frequently asked questions of readers and television hosts, including sound advice on sodium, exercise, and
getting families into better eating habits. Fans of the franchise will likely be satisfied, but those unfamiliar with Guiliano’s approach will find this volume lacking.

I don’t enjoy cooking so it’s rather unusual for me to read a cookbook but I actually liked this book! It was interesting to read about French eating habits but she didn’t reveal anything that I haven’t heard before in terms of healthy eating habits (moderation/portion control, lunch being the main meal of the day, importance of eating breakfast and veggies and fish, etc.). However, her recipes all sounded very good and I actually liked Ratatouille and Linguine with Shrimp and Basil that I made from her recipes. Yum!

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