#69 The Waiting

She was waiting for love – and found it in the most unexpected place.  Jorie King’s life is on hold. She has been waiting for Ben Zook to return to Lancaster
County. Waiting for him to settle down and join the church. Waiting to marry him. But when news arrives that Ben has been killed, Jorie is devastated. She
finds unlikely comfort in the friendship of his brother Caleb. Friendship ripens into love, and two broken hearts plan for a life filled with the promise of a
fresh beginning—until their worlds are turned upside down. With her realistic characters whose weaknesses develop into strengths, Suzanne Woods Fisher offers
a listening experience that rises above the others. You will love growing in spirit with these complex people living the simple life as The Waiting transports you into a world where things aren’t as simple as they seem.

This is my first novel by Suzanne Woods Fisher and I did enjoy it. It’s supposedly a book 2 in the Lancaster County Secrets series but the stories are not related so you don’t have to read it in order or read other books at all. I was a bit familiar with the Amish and their lifestyle but I did learn few more things about them through this book. I do not agree with their lifestyle and their choices over certain matters (to me, they seem legalistic and too secluded, which isn’t a part of God’s plan) but they sure are hard workers and kind-hearted people.


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