10 Things Thursday

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{10 things to do or accomplish this summer}

Summer is around the corner and if you live in places like Florida (like yours truly), well, you know the summer is already here! :-) It’s always good to have goals so let’s see what you want to do or accomplish this summer that you always wanted to do.

1. Be right with God: I know. It’s almost impossible but I shall try. I need to get my heart ready before this new baby arrives and the life of chaos starts!

2. Our new baby’s room: Yup, it’s exciting and daunting task at the same time. But we already picked out the paint color (Pink & Brown!) and that’s like half way there, right? :-)

3. Wall of picture frames: I’ve thought about doing this for ONLY for two years (inspired by Pottery Barn) so I guess it’s about time! :-)

Pottery Barn

4. Creat reading-friendly environment: Our 3-year-old girl is not much into reading (due to my laziness!) and I want to change that for her! I read a very good article “How to reaise a reader this summer” to help me with it and I’m super motivated!

5. 15 books by August: This means I’ll reach #80 for my reading list and I can totally do it….well, I think. :-)

6. Family beach vacation: Once our new baby girl joins our family, which I’m SO excited about, it won’t be just the 3 of us any more (Mommy, Daddy & Bella). So I’m squeezing in one more family vacation to the beach before I get too big with this pregnancy! Now, if only we get go to the Bora Bora beach…. :-)

Bora Bora Beach

7. Sewing SOMETHING!: I had my sewing machine for almost two years now and I literally just opened it and learned how to put thread in. Shocker! I’m hoping to sew something (curtains, futon mattress cover, cushion cover,e tc.) before this summer is over.

8. Give my hubby a day off: I’m the one who’s carrying the child in my womb but my hubby works as hard or sometimes harder! Poor thing. :-( I want to give him a day off so that he can do something fun for himself. He’ll have to wait to find out when that day is though since my mood changes hourly these days. :-)

9. Camping!: Ok, so maybe not in a conventional way. I’m NOT a camper and I know I’ll never be one. For me, camping is staying at a nice cabin somewhere with nice hot shower and a comfortable bed and my hubby will never agree to my definition of camping. So when I say camping, I mean camping in our backyard in a tent with the family. At least Bella will have fun! :-)

10. Finish cross stich project: One word: impossible. I picked out this alphabet cross stich pattern for our new baby girl and it took me about a month to finish one letter “I”, so I’m thinking this will be a pretty difficult tast. But what the heck. I shall try! :-)

This is what it'll look like when I'm finished!


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