#68 The Waitress

Three years out of university, Katie has been waiting tables trying to figure out what to do with her life. When it turns out that waitressing (well, being a
restaurateur) may be it after all, her mom is none too thrilled. On top of family pressure to sort out her professional life, Katie begins to wonder if she
isn’t romantically challenged, especially after she sneaks out of a restaurant mid-date while her companion, who she really liked, is in the bathroom. Soon
after, said date buys the cafe where Katie works, leaving her to wonder how things could get any worse. Of course, things get better, not worse, as Katie
and friends Jon and Sukie eventually find the calm that has eluded them. Nathan has an ear for witty dialogue and aptly describes the confusing postcollege
years. Entertaining chick lit with a dollop of career counseling. <source: Booklist>

This was my first book by Melissa Nathan and it was light, funny, witty and easy reading. It took me a while to read this book (since I purchased this book on my business trip in Melbourne, Australia in 2005!) but it was mainly because I kept forgetting where I placed the book. I remember often times when I have this book in my hand, my hubby would ask, “are you still reading that book?” :-)

I might look into some of her other books soon since I’m in the “light reading” mood lately. *^^*


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