#2 Baby Princess {22 wks}

 She weighs 1lb & 2 oz. at 22nd weeks and is growing healthy and well (45 percentile in growth)! We’re so proud of her already!! We were in the ultrasound room for over an hour so we got to see her moving around, yawning, playing, stretching and sucking her finger and she was just so cute! I can’t wait to hold her in my arms!!

On top of our high-risk pregnancy, one more complication was added at this time; placental cysts. :-( We went through multiple placental cysts problem with our first pregnancy so at least it was something familiar. We’re not worried too much since we know our God will take care of our little one and keep her safe and we trust in Him….

I pray though that there will be a minimum hospital stay (if there has to be any!) because I won’t handle being apart from our 3-yr-old Bella well at all! It’ll be hard to miss all her cuteness everyday….


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