Shrek the Musical

I’m not a big fan of Shrek movies. I mean they are ok, but I don’t go crazy over them or own any of the movie DVDs. But we had a choice between Shrek or Hair to go see and I didn’t think I could handle bright pink, ocean blue, neon green and who-know-what-else-colered hair-dos jumping around on the stage so my husband and I picked Shrek to go see for our long over-due date night. We had little to no expectation for the show but I must tell you, we loved it and laughed quite a bit!

Shrek was well, green and funny, Fiona was hysterical and very unlike-princess often times, Lord Farquaad was hilarious and a comedy himself, all the fairytale characters were cute and delightful, Donkey was quite animated, the voice of the lady who sang Dragon’s song was out of this world and oh, that little girl who played young Fiona…she was just too adorable!!

The show lasted little over three hours including intermission and though we didn’t leave the theater until after 11pm and that we were tired and exhausted at the end, it was a great date night for us! If only I didn’t have to climb a thousand steps to get to our balcony seat (it was a quite an undertaking for this preggie without the elevator!) plus if only Bob Carr Performing Arts Center wasn’t built in the 18th century (ok, so I’m exaggerating a bit here and it was actually built in 1926 but come on, if you can’t flush the toilet on the third floor due to high bathroom usage during intermission, it’s definitely not a modern building!), everything would’ve been perfect! :-)

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