10 Things Thursday

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{10 things you LOVE about yourself}

Why is it so hard to love oneself? Why is it so easy for us to find imperfection and follies in us than good and positive things? Why is the biggest barrier in loving others is not loving oneself? Including insecurity, I think false humility can be worse than pride itself sometimes. We’re all God’s children and if I look good and pleasing enough to God, then who am I to say otherwise?

Don’t be shy and list 10 wonderful things that you love about yourself. I know, I know. 10 things don’t even come close to list all the fantastic things about you but maybe we can also practice self-control today at the same time. :-)

1. My beautiful daughter: I know I’m biased but my daughter is the cutest and the most beautiful little girl in the whole wide world. Well, technically God made her, yes, but I carried her in my womb and she definitely came out of ME so I’m going to take credit for her. :-)

Bella @ 1 month old. She doesn't look like this any more, of course. :-)

2. Height: I’m tall…well, for an Asian, that is. In fact, one of the first thing that sets me apart from other Asians is my height and I’m grateful to my tall Korean mother! :-) That’s right, people. That means I can’t reach the top shelf at the most grocery store without asking for help! :-)

3. Hairless & silky smooth skin: If I don’t shave my legs (sorry, I know it’s kinda gross!) for three weeks, you can altogether count about 10 hair in my legs, which many people envy. Also, I’ve been told that I have silky smooth skin but I’d like to point out that costs me much $ and numerous trips to Bath & Body Works! :-)

4. Speaking Korean : I was born and raised in Korea so yes, I do speak Korean. I get confused whether or not Korean is my native or second language these says (I hardly get to speak it in the States and when I do speak it with my family from Korea on the phone, I constantly mumble) but hey, at least I can speak two languages, right? Now, only if I’m diligent enough to teach my child Korean….

5. OCD: Yes, I have a OCD (I’d say it’s a mild case of it, compared to that of Monk!) and I’m proud! Nothing will be done around the house without my OCD! However, the degree of it is getting “weaker and weaker” as time goes by because I don’t move a TV remote an inch to put it back where it should be on the table any more. :-)

OCD Monk

6. Sane mind against all odds: I lived quite a crazy life filled with crazy people and happenings and it’s indeed a God’s miracle that I’m as sane as I am today. Enough said.

7. Queen of multi-tasking: That’s right. I can prepare dinner, do the dishes, entertain my child, talk on the phone, watch the evening news, and plan something (e.g. family vacation, to-do list, school activities, etc.) ALL AT THE SAME TIME. :-) I guess that’s not much for many mothers out there but hey, I’m proud of myself for it.

8. Good taste in decorating: What can I say? I love pretty things and reading thousands of decorating magazines over the years paid off.

9. My To-do list: I LOVE making lists (can you tell from this post?! *^^*) and I love marking things off when they are done. In fact, sometimes I write down things that are already finished but weren’t on the list just so that I can mark them off. I know, I’m crazy like that. But without the lists, I’m totally useless. In fact, my daughter took out a paper and pen yesterday and instead of drawing unidentifiable objects like many toddlers do, she made a to-do list filled with doctor’s appointments! Hmm…

10. Desire to be better: I have hopes and dreams and I work hard to get them accomplished, at least most of them. Now, there are things like ‘be perfect in holiness and purity,’ ‘hire a maid,’ ‘do not worry,’ ‘own a small island,’ ‘rule the world’  or ‘hire a full-time masseuse named Fernando,’ which we all know that will never come true. But they ain’t gonna stop me from dreamin’! :-)


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