Potty Training & A Glimpse of Hope!

Up until few years ago, I’ve never thought I’d get so excited about somebody else’s bowl movement or bathroom trips. Well, now, it feels like there’s nothing in this world that would make me happier! Yes, I’m a mother and I wouldn’t change it for the world! :-)

Bella's early potty training years when she was not yet 2-yrs-old

So my hubby and I haven’t been good about potty training our little girl (mostly because we are lazy and can’t seem to stick to the “plan” and partly because our daughter just loves her water and seems to get sick whenever we are determined to potty train her!). She’s mostly potty trained except occasional accidents but we can’t seem to get rid of her night-time diaper wearing habit. However, recently, we (by “we” I mean “I”) have decided to potty train this child for once and for all before we buy a big girl’s bed for her room. We tried many things in the past but obviously nothing worked for us. Well, last night for the first time, Bella wore just her underwear and no diaper or a pull-up. She woke up three times to go to the bathroom (only once in the middle of the night) and she woke up with a dry bed and dry underwear!!!

I’m so proud and so very excited! I thought this day would never come!! :-) Now the question is, was that just a fluke or are we really going to save some money on laundry detergent? Well, to be continued!


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