Word of the Month

Welcome to the Word of the Month!

I often feel like my life is out of control, unorganized and all over the place. Frankly, I don’t know how people do it; remain so calm, self-controlled and organized and those people drive me crazy! :-) Recently, I’ve found that it helps me to think of a specific word in certain situations to calm me down, focus and regain control and my life seems so much better organized.

For example, when I’m panicky or anxious, the word “peace” or “prayer” helps me so much. When I’m feeling lost or alone, the word “hope” or “husband” gets me going. In the month of December when things are crazy with things like holidays, shopping and travelling, the word “Jesus,” “family” or “blessed” help me to refocus on the true meaning for the season. You got the idea?

So there came the idea of the Word of the Month. Every month, you can come up with a word that will guide you and help you focus. It can be any word that you wish for that month (what you want to focus on, what you are going through, whatever is special, etc.). After posting, make sure you link back to my blog to share your Word of the Month with others (the Word of the Month will be posted on the 1st of every month but you may link up until the 10th of month since I know you can’t always post things on schedule).

Have fun and I hope the words you’ll be posting will help and guide your life as they did for me! God bless you!


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