Word of the Month: May {Nesting}

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: to form a nest for
: to pack compactly together
: to form a hierarchy, series, or sequence of with each member, element, or set contained in or containing the next <nestedsubroutines>
:Nesting in pregnancy: feeling the need to prepare for the arrival of the baby by cleaning, organizing, etc. Often happens toward the end of pregnancy
Yes, we’re expecting and yes, I’m nesting and yes, I’m only half way there. :-)

I can’t seem to sit still and every time I try, my head spins with thoughts of cleaning out anything and everything, designing baby’s room as well as the entire house and purchasing and returning things repeatedly in my head. I’m ONLY half way there and I’m totally exhausted! I keep telling myself that everything will be just fine and that the most important thing is to have a healthy baby in my arms at the end of this pregnancy. However, I have a OCD, I like things to look nice and pretty and when I clean, I have to clean out the whole house before I’m satisfied. That is how I am and I haven’t found a way to do it any other way.

I think nesting is the word people use for expectant mothers and often times it accompanies other words like stress, frustration, impatience. My husband often tells me to slow down and take it easy since he worries about my health and well-being, which I think it’s so sweet. But what people don’t understand is that nesting also brings love, joy, happiness and lots of butterflies in expectant mother’s beautifully grown belly. While “nesting”, I spend much time thinking about all the wonderful memories that our family will create with the new baby in her room and imagining all the tiny beautiful features of my baby’s face and her tiny body while enjoying every moment and small things I do for our little princess out of love. It is true; all the hard work is not fun sometimes but at the end of all that, I have a hope of a beautiful baby girl and her smiles and that is more than I can hope for or dream of.

While waiting for our little princess’ arrival on this earth, I keep thinking about my Heavenly Father. He loves me more than I can ever fathom and He loves our little princess even more than I can ever love her and trust me, that is A LOT! I wonder if He spends time seeing our family’s future with our new baby and smiling at all the wonderful memories we’ll create. I wonder if He has butterflies in “His stomach” as well because He’s just so excited for us. I wonder if His joy is much more than mine because for Him, it’s not just our new baby’s happiness and smiles that matters but mine and our family’s as well. I wonder if His brain never stops going thinking about us, just like mine…. I wonder if He’s also nesting. :-) Though what He experiences might be different from mine (human experience vs. well, God’s!), I have a feeling that the love nd joy He feels is not that different from mine.

I’m dreaming of a pink room for our second princess (I do most of the dreaming, designing and all easy parts, of course while my loving hubby does all the hard labor of lifting, moving, painting, etc. *^^* I love that man!!) and I must say, I’m happy nesting right now.


Samantha Harris & Her Baby's Pink & Brown Room I Love!


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One response to “Word of the Month: May {Nesting}

  • Hubby

    I like that room… pink. We can do crown molding. That’s not beyond your husband’s talents… close, but not quite.

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