Tiny Talk Tuesday

These are the Tiny Talks of my 3-year-old ”big” girl, Bella.  For more Tiny Talks, head over to Mary’s at Not Before 7 


While grocery shopping, a lady said hi to Bella…

Mommy: Can you say hi back, Bella?

Bella: (hiding behind with a shy smile and then she bursts out and says) My Mommy has a baby in her tummy!

Uh…thank you for that public announcement. :-)


Bella and Daddy have been faithfully watering our tomato plants for the past few weeks and we haven’t had much tomatoes yet.

Mommy: We don’t have much tomatoes yet, do we?

Bella: Yes…but it’s ok, Mommy. Jesus will give us some more tomatoes!

I know, I know…me with little faith… :-)


I gave Bella her scissors for her craft this morning. It’s been a while since she cut her hair with it but I still warn her not to cut her hair. She obeyed….and then went for her pj’s this time. Sigh…I’ll be closely watching her when her baby sister is born with full of hair! :-)


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